Transformers Review – Deathsaurus (Kabaya)

            Amongst the Kabaya kit that I’ve reviewed, this particular figure is probably the one that has gotten me excited the most, since they released the Super Ginrai – Godbomber combo.
            Deathsaurus or Deszaras, has consistently been on my Holy Grail list for years. The actual Deathsaurus figure has been by far, one of the rarest Transformers figures ever, especially since he was a Takara-exclusive and was never released by Hasbro. 
            I’m not saying that by having Kabaya Deathsaurus, it’s an ample substitute for the real deal; I’m just saying that at least there’s something.
            I never thought that I’ll see the day Kabaya would actually release this character, so yeah, it’s a pleasant surprise. 
            The character first appeared in the Victory series, as the Decepticons’ Emperor of Destruction and was Star Saber’s frequent sparring partner. Unlike Star Saber, who is a Brainmaster, Deathsaurus was a Breastmaster. He was one of the more powerful characters in the series and ultimately met his maker during the last episode of the series.
            So without further ado, let’s go to the figure.

Alternate Mode:
            Deathsaurus transforms into a winged dragon. While this mode is visually good, it doesn’t really translate into a good figure.
            But then again, we are talking about a Kabaya figure, so you can’t really complain that much.
            There is not much articulations except for the legs.
            Overall, I kinda dig this mode.

Robot Mode:
            Oh boy, this is what I’ve been wanting for years, although it’s not really a justified substitute, at least it’s a Deathsaurus.
            Anyways, the robot mode looks pretty good and wings at the back tends to give him that regal look. 
            He is also aimed with a flail gun. The flail itself is actually molded to the gun, so there’s nothing you can do there. 
            Articulation-wise: head and shoulders rotate; the hips swing outward; finally, Deathsaurus has knee articulations!!!
            Now, as mentioned before, Deathsaurus is a Brainmaster, which means that he has at least a smaller robot partner that can transform and be a part of his robotic chest. In Deathsaurus case, he has two partner – a Tiger breast and an Eagle breast.

Breast Modes:
            I know, the subtitle is a bit funny, but that is what they call them. Unlike most Breastmasters, which normally comes with one partner, Deathsaurus comes with two. The two Breast Modes comes separately from the main figure – the Eagle comes along with Hotspot, and the Tiger comes along with War For Cybertron Optimus Prime. 
            Now since this is a Kabaya figure, you can bet your Energon stash that these guys ain’t gonna be that detail. The Tiger doesn’t really look like a tiger to me, rather more like a Hawk or an Eagle, that can also become the front chest piece. The original figure already comes with a similar chest piece. The only differences are that this piece has 4 knobs at the bottom to act as legs and the wing pieces are foldable. 
            The Eagle piece looks a bit like a Cassette-bot, and it acts as the second chest piece (between the “Tiger” and the main body). Both of these pieces also doubles up as guns.  
            Now, since you are going to end up with 2 front-chest pieces, you can actually have both on – one as the chest piece, while the other as a gun.
            This is actually one good figure – for Kabaya standards, and one of the best Kabaya figures so far. It’s definitely have if you’re a Kabaya Transformers fan, and especially if you like Deathsaurus.
            Highly recommended.

Verdict: 9.5/10

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