Transformers Review – WFC Optimus Prime (Kabaya)

            So far in the new generation of Kabaya Transformers, the Optimus Prime character have received the most exposure by having three figures from various iterations released, i.e. G1 Optimus Prime, Classics G1 Optimus Prime and Powermaster Optimus Prime (okay, technically he’s not Optimus Prime as he is known as Super Ginrai by the Japanese, and he was meant to be a totally new and separate character). Japanese aside, by Western comic continuity, all of these Optimus Primes are actually the same character, with the Classics version being the reimagining of the original G1 characters, and the Powermaster Optimus Prime being a new body to house the original spark.
            Probably the people at Kabaya thought that it was wise to delve into the character’s past, and bring his pre-Earth look into the lineup, thus in comes the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime. No disrespect to the WFC version of the character, I kinda prefer the Titanium version of Optimus Prime pre-Earth look, although the actual execution of the figure pale in comparison to WFC’s.
           The actual War for Cybertron Optimus Prime figure is arguably one of the best Optimus Prime figures to date, on a Deluxe-scale. For a figure of its class, it has surprisingly complicated transformation mode. 
            So I guess it’s imminent that this version of Optimus Prime was going to make it into the Kabaya line. Without further ado, let’s get on with the review…

Alternate Mode:
            The alternate mode is convincing – for a Cybertronian truck, and really does look exactly like his original Deluxe-class brethren.
            Now, having said that, while the front portion of the truck looks smooth, the same thing cannot be said of the back portion. The part where both legs are supposed to join together could use a cleaner finish, I think. There is this awkward gap between the legs that shouldn’t be there in the first place.
            The kibble underneath the truck is also too obvious, with Optimus’s head facing squarely at you.
            Anyways, after all that has been said, I still think that the alternate is good enough, although it could be improved.       

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is just great. Like all Kabaya figures before WFC Optimus, you do not come to expect excellent articulations or superb engineering.
            The main things about Kabaya figures are that they focus more towards the fun in assembling these model kits, with the resulting figures having really close resemblance to the real thing.
            Transformation-wise, WFC Optimus Prime is a part-former. 
            Articulation-wise, WFC Optimus has standard Kabaya articulations, plus bendable knees, which is a really nice addition.
            Optimus Prime is also armed with his trusty Ion Blaster. 
            As you can see, standing at about half the size of the Generations version of WFFC Optimus, Kabaya WFC Optimus Prime is tiny, although the similarities in looks are uncanny.

            I really dig this figure, and just like his original Deluxe-class brethren, his transformation is surprisingly complicated and involving. Both modes look really awesome, and personally I think it’s another job well done by the good people at Kabaya.
            Now, if only someone in there have sense of designing a Megatron figure instead, like maybe the G1 Megatron?
            Highly recommended.

Verdict: 9/10

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