Transformers Review: Prowl (Universe Deluxe)

            When G1 was first introduced both in the animation series, as well as the comics, Prowl was characterized as Optimus Prime’s second in command. Although Prowl was more of a bit-part player in the animated series, he played a far more significant role in the comics.
            Throughout the various series in the Transformers franchise, the Prowl character has been frequently depicted as police-related vehicles.

Alternate Mode:
            Prowl transforms into a Nissan Z police car, and a very sporty one at that.  Realistic paint applications, as well as wording on both sides of the car, which reads “HIGHWAY PATROL POLICE” makes this mode quite eye-catching. 
            At least for me it is. 
            Underneath the car, you can literally see all the kibbles, i.e. the legs, arms, the head and also the main body. While the kibbles are bad, I really like how they manage to provide a slot to mount Prowl’s gun in this mode. At least, you won’t be afraid of losing it. 
            Overall, a really neat alternate mode. 

Robot Mode:
            This is probably the best ever G1 Prowl that we ever going to have. I have a knockoff G1 Prowl, which looks very similar to the original figure, just doesn’t hit it with his animated counterpart. 
            This version of Prowl, however, is the Prowl that we should’ve gotten. Well proportioned, a fantastic head sculpt, the shoulder blasters, and the signature door-wings, he is just a dead ringer to his animation counterpart.
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates 360°; the shoulders are combinational joints that provide complete range of motions; the arms bend and rotate at the elbows; the fists rotate at the wrists; restricted waist joint; ball-jointed hips; the legs rotate and bend at the knees; and finally the feet are on combinational joints. 
ROTF Barricade vs Universe Prowl
            Prowl is literally your standard Deluxe-class figure that looks absolutely fantastic. The Henkei version have a slightly better color scheme, but at a much expensive price. Still, I really don’t mind.
            I really don’t have a bad thing to say about this figure, but if I really have to mention something, then it would probably be the doors keep on popping out of its socket throughout the transformation.

            I love Prowl – plain and simple. He is simply one of the best figures to have come out from the Universe/ Classic 2.0 line.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 10/10.

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