Transformers Review – Cyclonus (Universe Deluxe)

            Cyclonus is arguably one of the post-1986 movie characters to have made the most significant impact on the franchise. Cyclonus was introduced as the second in command of the Decepticon forces. Unlike Starscream, who would seek every chance he gets in order to usurp Megatron, Cyclonus was fiercely loyal to Galvatron, regardless of any situation – definitely an uncommon trait among the Decepticons.
            Due to the animation sequence of the 1986 movie, it has been long debated within the fandom as to whom actually morphed into Cyclonus – was it Skywarp or Bombshell? It was widely tipped that Skywarp was the character in question, since the Seekers’ position in the hierarchy were believed to be higher than ordinary Decepticons. And since Thundercracker morphed into Scourge, it would make even more sense that Skywarp should be Cyclonus.
            The original G1 Cyclonus figure isn’t exactly screen accurate, but he was close enough. Since I never had a Cyclonus figure in my collection before, and since I already got Universe Galvatron figure at the time, it would only make more sense that I should go out and get him and eventually, a Scourge figure.

Alternate Mode:
            Cyclonus transforms into this futuristic-looking spacecraft – very slick in design. Cyclonus of course still displays his trademarked front-sweep wings, which made him stood out more than most Decepticon aircraft from the good ol’ days. 
            One thing that you also noticed is obviously the difference in color scheme. Whereas the Henkei release stayed true to its animated look, Universe’s version has a more deep-bluish/ grey look to him. I don’t know why Hasbro tends to always fail to re-emulate the characters original colors. Probably it’s just a way for both Hasbro and Takara-Tomy to earn more money? 
            So I would perfectly understand why some of you may prefer the Henkei version.
            As far as the mould design goes, I can’t help but noticed the huge gap at the back of the aircraft. I’m pretty sure that they could’ve done better with the back of the aircraft than as it is. It’s really an eyesore.
From Left: Universe Cyclonus, Universe Galvatron, Generations Scourge
            All things said though, it’s still a good representation of the original G1 animated character, and would probably be the best Cyclonus so far, barring any future remolds.

            Staying true to its Targetmaster roots, Cyclonus comes along with his Hive partner, Nightstick. 

            Being a Targetmaster means Nightstick transforms into a weapon, i.e. Cyclonus’s blaster. The blaster can either be mounted on top of the cockpit in jet mode, or be wielded as a normal blaster in robot mode. 
            Articulation-wise: shoulders rotate; elbows bend; the abs crunches; hips swings back and forth, and that’s all there is to it. 
            I kinda dig Nightstick.
Robot Mode:
The robot mode is definitely the main draw here. He looks absolutely fantastic and really does look like his animation counterpart.
The colors maybe a little bit off, which is typical of most Hasbro releases, but the head sculpt is a dead ringer. The light piping also works very well. 
I also like the way how the wings folds up at the back of the robot – really neat.
Articulation-wise: the head and shoulders rotate; the arms swing inward and out; the elbows bend and rotate; hips are on ball joints; the legs rotate slightly above the bendable knees; and finally the toe and heel flaps moves. `
From Left: Universe Cyclonus, Universe Galvatron, Generations Scourge
However, not everything is perfect with the figure. For some odd reasons, the designers only allow Cyclonus to wield his weapons with his right hand as the left one doesn’t contain any slots. Also, the lack of a ball-jointed head, as well as the waist joints slightly limits the pose-ability factor of the figure.
Other than that, Cyclonus is one heck of a figure.

            Cyclonus is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the better figures released in the Universe line. The overall look of the figure is awesome. However, the color factor may encourage fans to go for the Henkei version instead, but personally, I don’t quite mind. If you can ignore the color difference, the Universe version is actually already quite nice.
            Highly Recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.


  1. As of September 29, 2013, I discovered that Ron Friedman answered the question of who became Scourge, the Sweeps, Cyclonus and his Armada in his TF: The Movie script. This script is from 1986.
    '''Now follows what Ron Friedman wrote regarding Scourge and the Sweeps;'''
    Their bodies are turned from battered Decepticons to...


    SCOURGE (Sweep character) is bearded, fanged and ferocious
    looking and as soon as he has been CREATED, he roars and
    stretches and an ARRAY OF SIMILAR CREATURES - smaller and all
    wearing dark and matching uniforms - are INSTANTLY CREATED
    FROM OTHERS behind him


    Scourge, the tracker....and his huntsmen...the

    The animators followed this description to the letter. Scourge is created and behind him similar but SMALLER creatures are instantly created. Kickback and Shrapnel are both SMALLER then Thundercracker. Therefor Thundercracker IS Scourge.
    Furthermore, it is ESSENTIAL that Kickback and Shrapnel are Sweeps because they posses the ability to clone themselves. That is the explanation for the number of the Sweeps increasing or decreasing.
    '''Now follows what Ron Friedman wrote regarding Cyclonus and his Armada;'''


    CYCLONUS is CREATED and then his "armada" of similar, but smaller
    and similarly colored and clad creatures are formed.


    Cyclonus, the warrior...and his armada.....

    IMPORTANT; Ron Friedman did NOT state that Cyclonus is in the foreground or background during the reformatting. Likewise, he also did NOT state that the Armada is in the foreground or background during the reformatting. Ron Friedman DID state that Cyclonus' Armada are similar, but SMALLER and similarly colored and clad creatures.
    Bombshell is SMALLER then Skywarp. Therefor Skywarp IS Cyclonus.
    Furthermore, it is ESSENTIAL that Bombshell is Armada because he possesses the ability to clone himself. That is the reason for how it is possible for Cyclonus to have a TRUE armada to lead.
    The Armada is made up of Bombshell and his clones.
    And there you have it. The answer has ALWAYS been given by Ron Friedman himself. The animation does NOT contradict what he wrote in his TF: The Movie script. EVERYTHING fits. What makes me sad is the lost story possibilities where it is ACKNOWLEDGED that Scourge remembers that he STILL has the powerchip rectifier that grants him the ability to create sonic booms and that Cyclonus remembers that he STILL has the powerchip rectifier that grants him the ability of teleportation. I rest my case.

    1. Wow... thank you for such detailed case presentation ... that's an in-depth research u got there...

    2. Thank you for thanking me, Maximus Prime.
      Like I stated, when I red Ron Friedman's script on September 29 2013 (for what seemed like the billionth time), I finally discovered that the answer to the question 'who was Cyclonus?' had been in front of me all along.

      The debate for 25 years or longer of 'Is Bombshell or Skywarp Cyclonus?' has always been unnecessary, because Ron Friedman had answered the question a long time ago.
      The animators only used 1 big decepticon and 1 small decepticon to make the distinction between Cyclonus and his Armada, namely the difference in height!