Transformers Review – Quickswitch(G1 Knockoff)

            From the shadows of Sixshot comes Quickswitch. Quickswitch was the Autobot’s answer to the Decepticon’s S.T.A.G. (a.k.a. Solo Transformer Assault Group) Sixshot. In fact, the commercial even billed Quickswitch as Sixshot’s son!!! Don’t ask me how that happens, and apparently, this was the first time that two Transformers have been mentioned to be an offspring of another Transformer.
            Although he never appeared officially in any animated series, he did appear in animated for in his figure commercial. It was here that he was billed as Sixshot’s shot and he joined the Autobot’s cause in order to “make good where his Decepticon father went bad”.
            Sixshot was arguably one of the best figures in the entire G1 series, so the powers-that-be was adamant in cashing in on the former’s success and popularity, and they just had to have an Autobot counterpart.
Hence, here we are with the review, albeit of a knockoff figure.
Jet Mode:
            I wouldn’t say that this is his better mode, but compared to some of the junk that we are going to see later, this is one of the better ones.
            My biggest complaint here is easily the cockpit and how it just virtually hangs in front of the craft.
            I do, however, like the idea on how they used the pair of photon blasters as wing extensions, which kinda creatively done.

Drill Tank Mode:
            This is probably Quickswitch’s one of the best two modes by far. At least, this mode looks rather realistic, although I don’t quite like how the tank-thread pieces tend to hang around without locking.
            Instead of making him just a tank, they eventually decided to add in one drill bit, just to make him more exciting.
            Well, at least this mode works for me.

Hovercraft Mode:
            The hovercraft mode looks kinda convincing, and along with the Drill Tank mode, this is definitely one of the best.
            There aren’t many hovercrafts in Transformers fictions, in fact, I can even recall any one else other than Quickswitch.
            The only issue I have with this one is the loose front hovercraft blades. Then again, that’s probably due to the knockoff’s shoddy QC.

Gun Mode:
           The gun mode is virtually a revised hovercraft mode. For me, this mode is one of Quickswitch weaker modes. 
            I don’t quite really mind on how unrealistic the gun looks, but the fact that it’s kinda small in size that kinda put me off. Unlike Sixshot’s gun mode, which is ginormous, this fella is kinda diminutive.  

Puma Mode: 
            This puma mode is a train-wreck. There, I’ve said it. There’s no other word for it. The only good thing that I could say about this mode is the head sculpt.
            Where his father was billed as a Winged Wolf (and a good looking one at that), Quickswitch’s puma mode really sucks.

Robot Mode:
            I can’t believe I am saying this, but the robot mode’s is virtually this set’s weakest mode. 
            Firstly, Quickswitch is a brick, and while some may argue that Sixshot was a brick as well, well at least Sixshot looks very darn good! As for Quickswitch, his limbs look much uncoordinated – arms too short; legs are spread too wide apart; having two protrusions with peg holes as hands; this mode is bad at best. 
            The robot mode is about the size of your typical Voyager class figure, but compared to Sixshot, who supposedly is his Decepticon counterpart, he looks puny. 
From left: G1 Sixshot and G1 Quickswitch
            Lastly, to me at least, his entire design makes him look a bit like an uptight robot, don’t you think?

            Let’s face it, no matter how much the powers-that-be wanted Quickswitch to be the Autobot’s answer to Sixshot, the released figure fails by a long shot.
            Although this may be a knockoff set, it’s quite similar to the original figure, and is probably the best option for fans in this region since we’ve never gotten the actual Quickswitch before.
            Comparing to the photos of the original online, the colors uncannily similar, and in that respect, it’s a very good knockoff figure to be able to stay true to the original.

            Final verdict: 5/10. 

P.s.: Just for the heck of it, here's old Quickswitch's figure commercial back in the 80's, courtesy of Youtube'a MYSATURDAYMORNINGS.

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  1. All I can say for this figure is just more of like "last minute execution" in selling the product to make do the successful 6 Shot demand.