Transformers Review – Sixshot (G1 2002)

            Many reviews ago, I’ve mentioned about some of the Holy Grails of Transformers collecting. Each collector may have his or her own specific list of Holy Grails, but chances are, you’d find some recurring names in those list. Generally, figures like G1 Megatron, G1 Optimus Prime, G1 Reflector, G1 Shockwave, G1 Predaking, G1 Omega Supreme, G1 Scorponok, G1 Fortress Maximus, G1 Metroplex, G1 Trypticon, G1 Abominus, Victory Road Caesar set, Victory Leokaiser Set, Victory Deathsaurus (Deszaras), Masterforce Overlord, Masterforce God Ginrai combo, Masterforce Piranacon set, Victory’s Star Saber/Victory Leo combo, and of course, Sixshot as Halo Grail – level figures.
            A figure is generally considered as a Holy Grail figures based on combination of several factors, i.e. character popularity vs. availability. Generally, most of those mentioned characters are quite popular, even until now, and their action figures, for most part, are difficult to get. Hence, when demands are exceeds availability, they become Holy Grails – treasured figures among collector-dome.
            In recent years, I found myself beginning to hunt down of these Holy Grails one-by-one. Getting the original releases are quite impossible, so for most cases, I had to rely on reissues, hence, you might know by now that I am a huge fan of Encore and Commemorative sets. 
            Sixshot was one of those figures that really captured my imaginations back in those days. He first appeared in Part 1 of the Rebirth 3-parters, and made his mark by singlehandedly thrashing the entire Aerialbots team to scrap. I mean, the Aerialbots are literally one of the Autobots toughest special teams, and Sixshot made them look like junior cadets! 

Collector Cards
            In the Headmaster series, Sixshot received much more focus and screen time. He was depicted as a Decepticon ninja who had mutual enmity with Ultra Magnus, and had personal issues with Chromedome. Sixshot was involved in several key events in the series, such as being Ultra Magnus’s killer, and had a hand in the final battle at the North Pole for the Autobot’s cause. Although Sixshot was a Decepticon, he had a strong sense of honor that was mostly lacking from the Decepticons. After defeating and eventually killing Magnus, he showed respect to his fallen opponent. During a misadventure, Sixshot found himself aiding the human Daniel Witwicky, and the two developed a somewhat awkward friendship bond.
            Sixshot eventually found himself no longer believes in the Decepticon’s cause, and left the faction during the final battle of the series’ finale.
            In Transformers: Victory, a new Autobot character named Greatshot was introduced. Apparently, although with the difference in colors and finishing, the two basically used the same mould, and had the same transformation sequences and modes, leading many to belief that Greatshot could well be a reformatted Sixshot. 
Bubble Packaging
            Here we have a character that officially transforms into 6 different modes!!! How cool is that?! For most of us, Triple Changers such as Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Octane and Springer are quite amazing already, and to have a figure that have not FOUR, not FIVE, but SIX official modes, that is almost unimaginable!!!
            Of all Transformers figures that I have ever wanted, this was one of those that I never thought of ever getting. Then when the chance presented itself, you know as well as I do that I would never let it pass. Although it wasn’t the original 1987 release, I got the next best thing – the 2002 re-released version.
Oh man, I am really hyped up for this, so here we go…

Jet Mode:
            Since Sixshot comes packed in this Jet fighter mode, it is only natural that we start off this review with this mode.
The jet mode looks absolutely fantastic. It looks very believable for a Cybertronian/ extraterrestrial spacecraft. 
            The designers of modern Transformers may want to learn one thing or two from the guys behind the designs of Sixshot as the jet mode really doesn’t have too visible kibbles, unlike most jet modes that we get nowadays. 
            At 11 ½-inches of width and length, he is monstrous. The wheels below also roll quite smoothly.
            Simply fantastic.        

Car Mode:
            This is probably one of his weaker modes, if you can even put it that way. It looks nice and heavily armed, and with that chrome pieces revealing itself, he looks gorgeous. 
            It’s just that the concentration of wheels are mostly from the middle of the figure, all the way to the back end, while the cockpit and all the front part of the car seems to hang there without anything to support them except for the figure’s very own engineered balance.        

Tank Mode:
            The tank mode is a mixed baggage really – it’s visually striking and not really something that you would want to go up against on the battlefield. The one major issue that plagues this mode is his back-heaviness.
            The back portion of the tank does not possess any wheels at all, thus lack that much needed support at the back. It is not to say that the tank mode can’t stand upward, he can, it’s just that a slight touch at the back may tilt him backward.

Gun Mode:
            Surprisingly, I kinda dig the gun mode. The large size makes the gun looks super-imposing.
            Looking at the barrel tip of the gun, you’ll instantly know that you are done for if that gun was firing in your direction. 
            The best part of this gun – the spring-loaded trigger! It is these attention to the smallest details that makes this set such a wonderful piece of engineering.

Wolf Mode: 
            Now this is one of the frequently debated topics for this figure – what is this mode really is. According to his packaging, as well as in various fictions, he is billed as a Wolf.
            My question is, does he look like a wolf to you? Seriously?
            Is that a wolf’s head for you?
            I don’t know about you, that looks like a feline head to me. A leopard or a puma, maybe. A tiger, probably by a long shot. A wolf? Hell no.
            Anyways, this mode may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it looks darn good nonetheless. Also, it is worth to take note that this is the only mode where Sixshot does not utilize his Sonic Concussion blasters.

Robot Mode:
            Sixshot is a monster! He stands at about 9 ½-inches to the tip of the head (12 ½-inches to the tip of his wings), which makes him approximately a Leader-class figure. 
Sixshot with ROTF Leader-class Optimus Prime
            He looks tantalizingly delicious, and the robot itself is very well-proportionate, better than a lot others of his G1 brethrens. He looks very slick and smooth, and pretty much how a Transformer ninja should look like.

            Predominantly green, grey, purple and black, the colors are quite accurate to the show.
            Articulation-wise: he is an absolute brick. Shoulders rotate on ratcheting joints; although the elbows do not bend, they do, however, rotate, as if giving Sixshot an illusionary wrist joints; both legs are joined together, thus moving in tandem; and finally each leg have somewhat of a knee joint – it’s more of a transformation joint, if you ask me. 
            The chest wings, due to its design and placement will hinder the movement of the arms, although it does make him look good.
Sixshot with G1 Quickswitch
            The robot mode alone may not give him very high points, but with all things considered, he is absolutely fantastic!
            Wait… have I got a surprise for you… if you think that this review is done, you are dead wrong… there is one more mode to be reviewed…
            Hold on! You might say. Sixshot is a six-changer – jet, car, tank, gun, winged wolf and the robot modes – all those equals to 6 already, isn’t it?
            Technically, the answer is a resounding yes, but if you recall the Headmaster series, where Sixshot delivered the final blow to Ultra Magnus, he revealed to the world his final and ultimate mode…

Wingwolf Mode:
            Well, this mode was officially named as such in the Japanese animated series, Headmaster. It was never mentioned in the instructions. It is said that this mode possesses all the powers of his other modes and consolidate them into one cohesive form.
            The Wingwolf mode is virtually the amalgamation of all of his other modes.

            I love Sixshot, there’s no other word for it. I would gladly call him as the absolute best the G1 series had to offer. He was a Transformer like none other. With 7 different modes, this is one aspect of this figure that even with the current technology that we have, that is still difficult to match.
            This was the Transformers that everyone wanted, but many couldn’t get.
            As far as Transformers collecting dreams go, this is one dream came true for me. Never had I believed that I will ever touch a Sixshot, much less owning him. After missing out on the original 1987 and the re-released 2002 figures, my only salvation would have been the Encore version, if I could ever get my hands on him that is; which won’t be easy – since he is a fan favorite.
            He is definitely an engineering marvel, in every sense of the word and is an absolute must in every Transformers collection.
            Absolutely and exceptionally recommended.

            Final verdict: 10+/10. 

P.s.: For your viewing pleasure, this is the original figure commercial from the 80's featuring to Ultimate Transformers challenge. (Courtesy of Youtube's Cossieboy2007)

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  1. Damn, after reading this review, I sooooo much want this figure, but I'll still take my chances on Encore if he makes it in that line.

    Excellent review Big Man.


    1. Thanks... FYI, there will be an Encore Sixshot released, the question was when... The announcement was made when Takara-Tomy unveiled the MP-11S Sunstorm in February earlier this year. Sixshot's ID number is Encore #23...