Transformers Review – Encore Optimus Prime


            This character probably needs no introduction. He is by far the face of the entire Transformers franchise as a whole. The newer generations of Transfans may identify Optimus Prime as the fiery Peterbilt truck from the movie trilogy, but for us long time fans, no disrespect to the movie designs, Optimus Prime will always be that flat-fronted truck.
            Originated from the earlier Diaclone figure named Battle Convoy, Optimus Prime was arguably the best figure of its time – it was super-articulated.
            Optimus Prime was so embedded into the hearts of children at the time, that when HasTak decided to kill off Optimus Prime during the events of the 1986 movie to make way for Rodimus Prime to become the new leader of the Autobots, the fans reactions were out of this world!!!
            Children cried. Parents wrote letters to the show producers. It was like a tragedy worse than anything else. 
            Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, Optimus Prime is that big.
            And it was because of the flaks that they got from this that Hasbro decided to do it differently with the character Duke from GI Joe in their animated movie. Initially wanted to kill off Duke, they ended up altering the storyline by having Duke under a coma rather than being killed by Serpentor.
            So, for such an iconic character, it was only a matter of time that New Planet Cybertron would review this wonderful figure.

Alternate Mode:
            Unless you’ve been living on Pluto all this while, then probably I do not need to tell you that Optimus transforms into a flat-head truck complete with trailer.
            He looks absolutely fantastic and very screen-accurate.
            The red is very deep and vibrantly delicious. The wheels, instead of being mere plastic, are made from rubber with chromed rims. The smokestacks and the front grill are chrome as well.
            The truck just looked very delicate and detailed. 
            According to fiction, Optimus’s consciousness is divided between 3 components, i.e. the main robot itself, the trailer and Roller. So technically, when anything happens to any one of the components, the rest would feel it as well. 
            Roller is a little six-wheel buggy, who first appeared in Part 2 of the Pilot series 3-parter. Roller is normally called upon to go to places where Prime himself can’t. He’s sort of like Prime very own small assistant. 
            In normal circumstances, Roller can be stored inside the trailer itself. There are two protrusions at the back of Roller which would snugly fit into two holes on a black block of plastic within the trailer. That black block of plastic is literally a spring-loaded catalyst that would propel Roller out of the trailer when the trigger in front is pushed. 
Top: Unloaded Propellar; Bottom: Loaded
            The magnitude of the propelling is quite good, I must say. Roller can go quite far after being ejected. 

            Optimus’s alternate is truly detailed and definitely a robot in disguise in every sense of the word.

            From the naked eye, the trailer looks like just a normal trailer. But at close inspection, the trailer is more than meets the eyes. 
            The trailer opens up to become the battle deck, armed with a firing pod with a mechanical arm. Oddly, there is a cockpit on the pod, supposedly meant for a mini figurine to be placed inside. In fact, back in the figure’s Diaclone’s days, that was exactly the case. 
            Also, you may also choose to convert the battle deck to Optimus’s personal repair bay, by simply standing the deck vertically. At least now, the existence of the mechanical arm makes more sense. 
            The firing pod can also be used in vehicle mode, by transforming the deck back into his trailer mode, and also by extending the pod beyond the roof of the trailer. Now, it would seem that Optimus Prime would have some sort of a defense system available to him in truck mode.
            The trailer is definitely an integral part of the set that definitely completes the set.  

Robot Mode:
            Standing at 6 ¼-inches tall, Optimus is slightly taller than your average Deluxe-class figures. He is very stout and has a certain commanding look to him.
            In this mode, he is armed with his iconic ion blaster, which is black in color. The combination of colors – vibrant red, deep blue and chrome makes the figure looks extremely exquisite. 
            Articulation-wise, he can be considered as one of the best in G1 standards: the arms swings back and forth (due to transformation joints); the elbows bend; the wrists rotate (mainly because the fists are plugged-in pieces); the hips swings backward; the knees bend (and this was a phenomenal thing back in the days); and finally the toe pieces move down and back up. 
            The chest piece has a hollow internal, which may make the robot seem a bit awkward, especially from the back. Optimus also, unfortunately, does not come with the Autobot’s Matrix of Leadership, which is ashamed really.
            All things considered though, I think the figure is just superb.

            No collection is complete without the original, the one and only G1 Optimus Prime. For most part of the G1 era, Optimus Prime, along with Megatron was the centerpiece of the franchise.
            Optimus is a must have for three obvious reasons – he is Optimus Prime; he is the leader of the Autobots; and he was undoubtedly one of the best figures of its time.
            For those like me, who had missed out on the original 80’s G1 Optimus Prime figure, this Encore release is the next best thing to salvation. Go out and get it while you still can.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10.

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