Transformers Review: Megatron (Animated Deluxe)

            As promised earlier in the Animated Optimus Prime review, here is the Deluxe Megatron review. As always, Megatron is the Supreme Leader of the Decepticons, whom after his initial run in the pilot series, suffered inactivity for a good part of the 1st season, before managing to get himself together (literally speaking) and wreak havoc once again. 
            So, as mentioned before, Megatron is sold as part of the Megatron-Optimus twin pack. So without further ado, let’s go on with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            Keeping the tradition (as of late), Megatron again possess a Cybertronian jet/ aircraft as alternate mode. Just in case if you haven’t noticed, I am not a fan of any Cybertronian aircraft modes, barring a few exception such as the TF: Cybertron Vector Prime.
            One word describes Megatron’s alternate mode – weird. I have no idea what this craft is supposed to be. In fact, when I first gotten the figure, I don’t even know which side is the front of the aircraft. I initially thought that the smaller and sharper end is the front. Then I found out it wasn’t. 
            From the looks of it, Megatron seems to be a type of VTOL aircraft and seemingly capable of hovering and speed.
            One of the reasons why I don’t quite like Cybertronian modes is the fact that they bound to have very bad kibbles, especially underneath, as you can see from the photo below. 
            Also, just like Optimus, Megatron too have several patches of pink paints, as if it has battle damages. It would’ve been better if it was black in color instead of pink.
            Overall, it’s just an unconvincing alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            As far as his robot mode goes, he ain’t bad. He has proportionately-designed bulk. The head sculpt is particularly good, with a hint of belittling smirk visible. 
            Articulation-wise: head has all range of movements, albeit severely limited; shoulders connection of the main body allows upward motions, while the shoulders themselves are ball-jointed; the arms rotate slightly above the translucent red pieces, while the elbows are double-jointed; similar to Optimus, Megatron too has spring-loaded waist joint; extremely loose ball-jointed hips; the legs rotate and bend at the knees; and finally the toe flaps can move downward. Megatron also has sideward hip flaps, just in case you want to know.
The humongous fusion cannon on his right arm does not bode well with the loose joints either. Fortunately though, you may have the options of adjusting the wings (in jet mode) to act as a stabilizer while posing the figure. This is extremely helpful, especially when the existing hips joints are extremely loose.
            Still having said that, you can put Megatron to various poses and angles, and you can have him dueling with his arch nemesis. 
            Just like Optimus, Megatron too has his battle-damaged scars to show off, although as I have mentioned earlier, it would’ve been better if it was black in color, or at least in a darker shade instead of pink. The scars are mainly on the front of his right chest; bottom of the left chest; on the top and left side of the face; right foot; and also both sides of the shoulders.
            A pretty good looking robot which makes up for a rather weak alternate mode.

            You may love him, or you may not. Just like Optimus, he’s a mixed baggage. It really depends on whether you really dig the Animated designs or otherwise. If you’re a huge Animated fan, or a Megatron purist, go and get him.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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