Transformers Review: Optimus Prime (Animated Deluxe)

            In almost all Transformers-related series, Optimus Prime has been the Supreme Leader of the Autobot forces, with only one exception – Transformers: Animated.
            Optimus Prime in this reincarnation was only a leader of a small band of space bridge repairers. In this series the title Prime is given to unit leaders, who are required to report only to a Magnus – in this case, Ultra Magnus, who is the Supreme Leader of the Autobot Forces. So far there have been four Primes in the Animated series: Optimus, Sentinel, Rodimus and Longarm; amongst these, Optimus seems to be the lowest ranking Prime, while Sentinel seems to be the highest ranking one.
            Still, the series focused more on Optimus Prime and his band of merry bots on Earth, and thus, the de-facto leader of the Autobots on Earth.
            Before we begin, please be informed that the Deluxe-class Optimus Prime in review here comes in a twin-pack set along with his counterpart, Megatron. The Megatron review shall be a separate one from this.

Alternate Mode:
            As homage to his original G1 namesake, Optimus Prime transforms into a red-colored cab-over truck. In the Animated series, the truck’s (along with most Autobots’ alternate modes) vehicle design is depicted to be a part of Detroit emergency forces. This is shown via the existence of the light sirens on top of the roof. 
            The wheels roll quite freely, but the back of the truck, formed by the robot’s legs really need some getting used to. The back of the truck is itself a kibble. You can clearly see the robot legs. The only thing used to cover up the horrifying gap between the legs is the axe. 
            The back of the cab is also left opened, when there should’ve been something to cover it up. At the front of the truck, there is a painted smudge on the left windshield, as it was cracked. 
            While some of the detailing on the truck does look good, there are some parts of it that could really be improved. 

Robot Mode:
            Whereas the alternate mode may be a bit mediocre, the robot mode, in my opinion fared a lot better. 
            I like how they made as if Optimus had just come out from a horrendous fight, and have a lot of bruises to show for it, albeit just painted and not molded on – namely on the left chest and right face. 
            Articulation-wise: head may tilt forward, and rotates when the head is angled slightly forward; the entire inner shoulder pieces move up and down, mostly due to its transformation, but appreciated nonetheless; the actual shoulders are on ball joints; double-jointed elbows; spring-loaded waist joint which may provide Optimus with his punching gimmick; ball-jointed hips; knees rotate and bend; and finally the toe piece flaps down and back up.
From Left: Deluxe Optimus, Deluxe Megatron
            The axe looks rather bad@$$ that Optimus looks like he really means when he wields that axe.
            I really like the articulations and the overall aesthetics of the robot mode. It feels rather refreshing. You can really fiddle around with the figure and put him in various different poses.
            Optimus Prime is really a mixed baggage – excellent robot mode, but mediocre vehicle mode. There are certain fans out there, yours truly included, that tend to have reservations for robots to have cartoonish human-like designs, i.e. waist that is way too small, and robot designs that are way too Ben 10-ish, Teen Titan-ish, yadda yadda yadda… I don’t mean any disrespect to any of the mentioned series, but I personally prefer robots that are blocky and tough looking, such as depicted in G1 or even Cybertron/ Galaxy Force.
            Robots are supposed to look like robots!
            Anyways, having said that, there are certain Animated figures that have managed to entice me, and Optimus is one of them. Probably the kids nowadays do prefer such method of animation, and we from the older generations have got to learn to live with it and move on with the times.
            Highly recommended for Animated fans and Optimus Prime purist.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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