Transformers Review: Ironhide (Classics Deluxe)

            Hello boys and girls, welcome back to another addition of Transformers Reviews, and as per requested by a friend of mine, we will be reviewing a figure that was released back in 2008, the Deluxe-class Ironhide from the Classics line.
            Now just in case some of you needed a little of refreshing, Ironhide was one of the toughest and oldest of warhorses back in the old G1 era. Voiced by the legendary Peter Cullen in the iconic 1984 G1 series, Ironhide sports a deep southern accent. His original G1 action figure (in which the mold was shared by the Autobot medic, Ratchet), in my opinion was hideous at best. I mean, what the heck, he got no head!!! This is mainly due to the fact that the mold was taken from the old Diaclone series, where the robot wasn’t meant to be sentient, and was supposedly driven by a human pilot/ driver. To sum it all, the original G1 figure differed too much from its cartoon depiction that it managed to put off even some diehard fans.
            As far as the animated series goes, Ironhide remained popular with the fans until his unfortunate demise during the events of the 1986 Transformers: The Movie, whose old warhorse role was eventually replaced by Kup. Back then, Ironhide was hinted to be a reengineered Dion, a friend of Orion Pax and Ariel, before the latter two were reformatted as Optimus Prime and Elita One respectively. This theory was later proven otherwise when Ultra Magnus was revealed to be Dion in the comics.
            So, such a legendary character, and although the name was reused so many times throughout the franchise, none would achieve the same fame such as the original G1 Ironhide, save probably the Movies Ironhide.
            It was inevitable that Ironhide would be the perfect candidate to receive the Classics treatment.

Alternate Mode:
            Instead of a red van, in keeping up with modern times, Ironhide now transforms into an SUV. I think it’s a neat concept considering that vans aren’t really the IN thing now. 
            Now, while that was a good concept, the paint job and the overall quality of the alternate mode seems to suffer horribly. There are just way too many gaps and visible cracks in between vehicles parts. I would expect that the entire mode would be a bit streamlined.
Incoherent Paint Job
            The paint job itself was done quite incoherently, with some parts of the windows are left translucent blue, while some are painted with Sky Blue, which is hideous really. The same goes for the middle of the roof. I would expect that they would synchronize everything to either paint the entire thing or not at all. 
            At the back of the truck, the license plate bears the word OREGON, which happens to be the Autobot’s home base on Earth.
            The kibbles underneath are still okay. Although the feet can easily be seen, there are enough details indicating that they tried to cover it all up. 
            Ironhide’s weapon can also be stored inside the SUV, by pegging it to a hole within.
            The wheels roll quite smoothly too, if I should say so.
            So yeah, it’s kinda like a mixed baggage, if you ask me.

Robot Mode:
            The transformation sequence from vehicle mode to robot mode is surprisingly satisfying. 
            The robot mode is a huge jump from his G1 predecessor. Gone are the headless days and the mini battle deck platform. He looks unmistakably G1 Ironhide, this is how the original figure should have looked like.
Nice Face and Head Sculpt
            Articulation-wise: the head can rotate 360°; the inner shoulders allow inward and outward arm motions (i.e. towards and away from the chest); the shoulders-proper can rotate; due to transformation, the elbows have double-jointed sideway motions, although they can be somewhat awkward, but can be handy in certain poses; the elbows-proper also bend and rotates; the wrists consist of a combination of ball joints and hinge; available waist movement; hips move in all directions; the legs rotate slightly below the hips and bends at the knees; and finally the ankles are on ball joints, although due to the designs of the feet and legs, the backward and outer sideways movements can be severely hindered. 

            Still, the overall articulations are quite good although I do wish they could’ve had a ball jointed head instead, because currently in most poses, it is as if Ironhide is looking down constantly. The elbows could’ve been done differently too, in my opinion, because it can feel a bit hindered. 
            Although the general aesthetics can be kinda good, the overall looks can be a bit of a letdown. The arms especially have too many screws exposed, which can really hurt the figure. Some Sky Blue parts are still visible in this mode, which unfortunately can be a bit of an eyesore.
            Ironhide also comes with a blaster, which can also transform into a small battle knife (?). It’s kind of a neat feature.

            It’s undeniable that Ironhide is one of G1’s most memorable characters. His old warhorse attitude towards life has benefitted the Autobots tremendously. It’s quite unfortunately that his character was killed off so soon.
            I really wish that I could say that I love this figure, I really do, but some shoddy finishing just put me off. I wished that they could’ve done way better with the paintjobs and decals.
            Based on the photos I’ve seen on the web, I would suggest that you go for the Henkei Ironhide instead, because the red used there seems to be a bit darker and more vibrant; there is also a presence of the yellow stripes and the windows seems to be painted more coherently.

            Final verdict: 6.5/10.

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