Transformers Mini-Review - Energon Sword (Energon Minicons)

From left: Scattor, Skyboom & Wreckage
Supposedly one of the most powerful weapons in the Armada universe.
From left: Scattor, Skyboom & Wreckage
Molds were previously used for the Armada Air Defense Team and Air Assault Team. However, luckily the good fellas in HasTak decided not to just merely repaint those molds, instead they did a bit of retooling here and there, and ended up with these wonderful little figures.

Robot mode that offers hinged shoulders; bendable elbows; hinged hips and ball-jointed knees.
Excellent translucent plastic used.
The air craft modes look very slick and fast, and also equipped with front landing gears.
Minimal kibbles on the underside.

My least favorite of the three. Looks stumpy, thus difficult to pose with.
Robot mode that offers hinged shoulders; bendable elbows; hinged hips and knees; and ball-jointed ankles.
Looks to be the slowest and least exciting among the three.
Exposed kibbles underneath.

My favorite among the three. Looks like some tough guy from the streets who is ready for action.
Robot mode that offers hinged elbows; swinging hips and hinged knees. A bit lacking in the articulations department, but the look works.
Looks very fast and slick. Received the most intensive mold retooling among the three.
Not that many kibbles seen underneath.

Energon Sword:
The most powerful weapon in the Armada Universe, and was wanted badly by both side of the divide. Cool looking sword and can be wielded by the likes of Vector Prime.
The sword only looks good from one side, unfortunately.

Definitely recommended if you're a fan of the Armada and Energon series, and especially if you are a fan of Minicons. Along with the Minicon Gestalt Perceptor (Highwire, Grindor and Sureshock), Energon Sword is definitely one of my favorites Minicon Teams/ figures.

Final verdict: 9/10


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