Transformers Review –Optimus Prime (Generations Deluxe)

            Prior to the Generations & Hunt for the Decepticons lines, all of the figures released were either based on their respective animated series, movies and comic series. Then the War for Cybertron came out, and it was only logical that there would be figures based on the designs there.
            Thus Transformers: Generations would prove to be the first ever series to introduce lineups from a video game, alongside characters from animation series and comics, and the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime would prove to be one of the firsts.
            In the War for Cybertron video game, Optimus Prime inherited the leadership of the Autobots after the death of Zeta Prime and was the first to carry the burden that is the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, and he was also the one to have commissioned the massive vessel Ark. It was also announced that Optimus would continuing his adventures in the sequel, Fall of Cybertron.
Anyways, enough with the rambling and let’s get on with the reviews.

Alternate Mode:
            Optimus transforms into this strange, futuristic looking truck that looks really slick and aerodynamic. More often than not, I tend to not like alternate modes that are alien in nature (as in those with unconventional alternate modes such 2007 Movie and ROTF Megatron and ROTF Fallen). In this case, however, I actually like Optimus’s alternate mode. This proves that not necessarily that alien alternate mode couldn’t be convincing. 
            Surprisingly, he doesn’t have that many visible kibbles except for one humongous kibble just beneath the vehicle mode – the head, which by the way staring back at you with eyes ablaze!!!
            Anyways, apart from that, he’s actually quite good.
From left: War for Cybertron Optimus Prime & Classics Optimus Prime
            In this mode, Optimus is armed with a rifle-cannon, which is mounted at the back of the truck, top section. The rifle itself is formed by folding up the ion blaster that Optimus wield in his robot mode.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is simply fantastic. It’s literally one of the best Deluxe-class figures ever released. For a Deluxe-class standards, his transformations are quite complex – just the way I like it.
            Articulation-wise, he’s nothing short of amazing: ball-jointed head; each shoulder consists of a combination of two hinges and a swivel; the arms rotate slightly above the bendable elbows; rotatable wrists; the waist rotates; ball-jointed hips and ankles; the legs swivel just below the hips; double-jointed knees; and finally, the toe-pieces flap up and back down. 
From left: War for Cybertron Optimus Prime & Classics Voyager Optimus Prime
            These articulations mentioned are quite amazing, considering the fact that he’s only a Deluxe! You can pose Optimus in various ways, some of which are depicted below.

            The head, however, due to the long antenna, in my opinion resembles Ginrai rather than Optimus, but that’s just a minor issue to deal with. 
Hey! Isn't that Ginrai?
            Simply put, the robot mode is simply amazing.

            This is a prime example (pun intended) of how good this Generations line is. Just like the previous Transformers: Classic line that set the standard back in its heyday, Transformers: Generations is now the mentioned standard bearer.
            The War for Cybertron Optimus Prime is only one of the many figures released in this line, and I, for one, will be waiting for more to come.
            Absolutely recommended.

Verdict: 10/10