Transformers Review –Megatron (Prime Deluxe 2-Packs)

            As mentioned in my previous review of Transformers: Prime Deluxe Optimus Prime figure, since the Optimus Prime figure came in a 2-pack set, I would be doing a 2-parter review, hence now, is the review of the second figure from the set.

Alternate Mode:
            Keeping up with the tradition of Megatron having whacky out of the world alternate mode, just like his Animated and 1st Movie predecessor, our Megatron in question transforms into an alien aircraft. 
            To be completely honest with you, I don’t like this mode. While I do understand that being an alien aircraft means that it has no definable alternate mode, but that doesn’t give any excuse for it to be executed poorly.
            Take Cybertron/ Galaxy Force Vector Prime, or even Soundwave from the same series for example; that is what I call a fantastic alien alternate mode.
            Almost in the same vein as ROTF: Voyager-class The Fallen, Megatron really looks like a mere folded up robot mode. In fact, the kibbles are horrendously visible – from the folded up legs to the half exposed head. 
            Again, just as with Optimus Prime, you can also peg Megatron’s infamous fusion canon onto the back of the alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode, however, in contrast to the alternate mode, is far more superior in terms of designs and aesthetic. Whatever the alternate mode failed to deliver, the robot makes up with a proportionately-designed robot with superior articulations.
            The articulations are as follows: ball-jointed head (albeit limited movement due to the design of the head sculpt); the shoulders consist of a combination of swivel and ball joints that provides all-around motions; the arms rotate and bend at the elbows, while the wrists rotate; no waist joint, but Megatron does come with ball jointed hips; the legs bend and rotate at the knees; and finally the toes and heels are on separate joints, but mainly due to transformations.
            The pose-ability of this figure is simply amazing. As far as aesthetics are concerned, it is a worthy equal to Deluxe Optimus Prime, but with a slicker and meaner designs, which translates to cooler-looking robot mode. 
            I had a lot of fun fiddling and messing around with this figure, and I think he’s pretty darn amazing.
            The head sculpt also look pretty wicked and the purple light-piping eyes only succeeds in adding to an already awesome look. 

            Despite having such lame alternate mode, Megatron makes it up with a vastly superior robot mode, which in my opinion, score a higher point compared to his Deluxe-class opposite – Optimus Prime.
            Superb robot mode.
            Highly recommended.

Verdict: 8.5/10

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  1. It might help if you transformed Megatron properly. the legs are supposed to split in half and fold out into wings, and the head is meant to poke out through the top of the craft- it does in the cartoon.
    Having said that, I found this when I saw your picture of the alt mode- and assumed it was a "third mode" someone else had come up with.