Transformers Review –Optimus Prime (Prime Deluxe 2-Packs)

            The 2-pack set Optimus Prime-Megatron is among the first of the 1st Wave releases from the new Transformers: Prime series, along with Bumblebee, Starscream and Arcee.
            In view that Optimus is one half of the 2-pack, I will divide the set into 2 reviews: the first one focusing solely on Optimus Prime and the 3 bonus human figures; whilst Megatron will be featured on an upcoming review. 
            Clearly from the box itself, it has been stated that this is the first edition release for this guy, hence do expect more variants/ remolds/ repaints of these figures somewhere down the line.

            I don’t normally focus on the box, but I’ll give this set a brief mention. The background within the box is meant to be a diorama depicted a barren dessert with lotsa mounds and hills.
            The set also comes along with a Transformers: Prime DVD episode called Masters and Students
From left: Miko Nakadai, Raf Esquivel & Jack Darby
            Also, 3 small figurines of the human characters Jack Darby, Raf Esquivel & Miko Nakadai, and guess what? They also come with a paper stand!!! Whoopee…
            The 3 human figurines are detailed enough, but do not expect more from them as they are merely accessories to the set, hence devoid of all articulations, except the neck. Still, I think the 3 of them are really neat bonus addition to the set.
Alternate Mode:
            Optimus Prime’s roughly inherits his movies’ alternate mode in this series, but minus the flame decals and other details. 
            If you’re used to the details and vividness of the movies Optimus Prime’s vehicle mode, this figure may appear to be a bit boring to you. Having said that, that doesn’t mean that the colors are any less vibrant that the movies versions. 
            There are also various visible kibbles such as the back of the truck where parts of the feet are overly exposed; and also underneath the truck. 
            The good thing is that the truck does roll freely and there is also a teasing peg behind him for a possible trailer attachment – but for now, you might have to settle for sticking his blaster into that peg hole.  

Robot Mode:
            Now, let me be perfectly upfront about this – I don’t like robot’s chest with fake windows, which is why I didn’t like the G2 Laser Optimus Prime in the first place. However, there are certain exceptions that I would make way for such as the Galaxy Force/ Cybertron Galaxy Convoy/ Optimus Prime, because it had to be done to make him look good.
            In our current Optimus Prime’s case, I don’t think that he look that good with that fake windows. Maybe they could’ve done better with it, maybe they couldn’t I don’t know.
            But what I do know is that despite his awkward appearance (by my personal rating), his articulations are pretty good, almost on par with the Generations Optimus Prime (and that is saying quite a lot!). 
            His listed articulations are as follows: head is on a ball joint; shoulders are on a combinational rotational and swivel joints; the elbows rotate and bend; articulated waist joint; ball-jointed hips; legs rotate slightly below the hips; bendable knees; and finally the ankles are on a combinational swivel joints that provides all round motions.
            The sheer pose-ability of this figure is simply amazing and I reckoned that you will enjoy fiddling with him very much. 

            Like I said, Optimus Prime is a mixed baggage. He’s definitely not the best looking Optimus Prime out there, but definitely one of the best in terms of articulations. If you’re an Optimus Prime purist, this is definitely a must for you.

Verdict: 8/10

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