Transformers Review –Arcee (Prime Deluxe)

            When I first watch Transformers: Prime, 2 characters really caught my attention. First was Cliffjumper – not only was he cool, tough talking and backed it up with an equally tough-guy attitude (even though it only lasted for the first five minutes of the series), and of course because he was voiced by none other than the Brahma Bull, the People’s Champ, the innovator of the People’s Elbow and the Rockbottom – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
            Second was Arcee, who transform into a superbike. Arcee, unlike his original incarnation in G1, who was very feminine and has motherly instinct, Prime’s Arcee was portrayed to be a very tough no-nonsense warrior who won’t back down from any challenges. That, in my book, is cool.
            A nod to her G1 characterization, Prime’s Arcee eventually got very close to the human Jack Darby, and become some sort of a guardian angel to him. Plus, he gets to ride that awesome looking bike that she transforms into everyday. How cool is that?!
            Anyways, when this figure was first announced, I knew instinctively that I had to get him, and so I did, and just in time for Christmas. So, here’s her review.

Alternate Mode:
Kickstand Deployed
            Personally, I think the bike mode looks really need. The last time I’ve ever owned a Arcee-bike was the Transformers 2007 Movie repaint of Elita-1, which I think was quite nice and sporty. I didn’t get the ROTF version – the one with the one wheel as legs – as I think she looks horribly deformed, although I have to say, the bike mode was quite nice.
Without Side Blades
            However, I think this bike mode trumps them all. This bike has 2 modes – if you can ever put it that way. First you have the basic motorcycle mode, complete with its own kickstand, which means you can pose the bike on a parking position. 
With Side Blades
            However, if you want to pose her in a speedier (and slicker) bike mode, you can just attached her blades in robot mode to her sides, and voila, instant armor that kinda makes her look ready for action. 
Vroom, Vroom...
            The wheels roll quite freely, although I do wish that they could’ve somehow made the handle turn-able, but it’s just impossible here due to the transformation.
            Still, overall the bike mode looks quite nice.

Robot Mode:
            This mode, in my opinion, is the main attraction of this figure. I have to say, I am beginning to love this new series/ toy line. The aesthetics of this figure is absolutely marvelous. 
            The amount of articulations packed into this small figure is very, very nice. The articulations are as follows: head is on a swinging ball joint; the shoulders are on a combinational swivel and ball joints, whose movements can be a bit hindered by the large shoulder panels; the arms rotate slightly below the shoulders, while the elbows are deliciously double-jointed; there is also an available waist joint; ball-jointed hips; bendable knees; and finally the entire legs rotate at the hips.

            There’s also a hint of light piping in her eyes, but it isn’t that obvious, which is probably one of my minor gripes for this figure.
Ready to kick some @$$...
            Just like her colleagues Optimus Prime and Megatron, I really love her articulations. I really had a lot of fun posing her, especially my all time favorite poses – the taekwondo kick and also sitting down. 
Size Comparisons (From Left): Deluxe Jazz, Arcee, Optimus Prime
Like A Movie Poster?
            In fact, her articulations are so good that she has the star potential to be the next Top Model, as far as the following photo shoots go.

            All in all, Arcee is a very fun figure to play with. Herself, along with the other figures in this new Transformers: Prime line is really a breath of fresh air in this franchise that we all love.
            Plus with her excellent characterization in the animated series, Arcee is definitely a must have for any collectors.
            Get her while you still can.
            Highly recommended.

Verdict: A strong 9.5/10

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