Transformers Reviews: Devastator (ROTF Supreme)

            Back in the rocking 80’s, one of the main attractions of the Transformers franchise were the idea of gestalts, or combining robots. The idea of a few smaller robots being able to combine to form a bigger robot appeals to everyone. Fiction-wise, the combining technology was invented by the Decepticons, and perfected by Autobots. The first of these enormous monsters was Devastator – a combination of 6 different individuals namely Scrapper, Scavenger, Hook, Bonecrusher, Mixmaster & Long Haul. Together they possessed enormous strength, yet their combined intellect cannot be fully integrated as a whole. They were monsters that rely on pure instinct in battle. Action figure-wise, Devastator was unique nonetheless. They were one of the few that do not have the standard 5-in-a-team lineup. Instead they consisted of 6 equal-sized individuals. After the G1 era, the idea of gestalts seemed to have been dormant, apart from the brief reintroduction in the Superlink/ Energon series in the form of Constructicon Maximus, Bruticus Maximus & Superion Maximus.
            Then finally after a few years of waiting, Has-Tak finally decided to rekindle our childhood magic, by reintroducing the gestalt technology into the franchise. And what better way to do so that reinventing a new Devastator.
            This was a figure that I definitely knew I had to get, due to its history and its sheer size. It’s ashamed though that in the movie, he was tremendously under-utilized, and he was destroyed waaaaay too easily. It would’ve been better if they had decided to put more characterization into it. To me unfortunately, he is nothing more than just a glorified extra in the movie. Having said that, how does the figure fare in the Planet Cybertron evaluation? Keep on reading to find out...

Alternate Mode:
The one major drawback for this set is that individually, none of the characters can transform. You would think that, being a Supreme Class figure, they could’ve given us something better than this. Despite being huge in size, each figure feels very light. Individually, they have nothing to offer – they are essentially just, dare I say it, normal, colorful & oversized kids’ toys. So, it really didn't surprise me when fans starts calling these guys a plastic-based Tonka toys (no disrespect to the cool Tonka toys). Yes they do look believable as vehicles, but that’s practically just it! 
Also, Mixmaster tends to get on your nerve sometimes. The sound gimmicks, which was built into him is just too sensitive. Even a small touch to the vehicle may activate the sound, which is quite irritating. Heck, in fact I am so disappointed with the alternate modes that I’m not gonna even elaborate more on them. Let’s just go on with Devastator, shall we? 
At least there are some detailing...
Robot Mode:
Supreme Devastator & His Legends Counterpart
            You waited years for it to happen, and when it eventually arrived, you just tore up your wallet and lunged for it. Is it worth it? Well it depends what you’re looking for in Devastator. After you’ve combined the individual Constructicons & transformed them into Devastator, you’ll come to a realization that the only appeal that you get from it is the sheer size! Quite frankly, that’s all! As far as movie accurate, you can just throw that out of the door. I mean, it is recognizable as the Devastator from the movie, but there’s just something wrong somewhere. Maybe it's because Devastator can now standing on his own 2 feet as opposed to on all-4 in the movie (and there are no wrecking balls). 
            His articulations (or lack thereof) further drag down the points for this big guy. Even with the limited articulations that he has, you can’t do any fancy pose with him. With those scrawny little legs of his, he would just topple over. As for the size, he’s way smaller than Unicron, but slightly broader, which is a saving grace for this entire setup. Also worth mentioning is the sound effect. They are nothing much spectacular about it, but it’s not that bad either. They consist of vortex-suction sounds, evil laughing, more evil laughing, and phrases such as:

“Devastator destroy Autobots!”
“I am Decepticon!”
“Devastator destroy!”
“Ha ha ha… Autobots!”
“I am Devastator!”
A Face that only A Decepticon Leader could Love
             Overall, I can’t say that I am that happy with this setup. At RM 450, you would expect more from this guy than just some silly old sound effects and nothing more!!! With that sum, you would expect the engineers back in Has-Tak to put in more effort into the engineering aspects of this entire setup. Has-Tak has probably forgotten the main reasons why we love Transformers and especially Gestalts in the first place – they should be able to transform!!! With the sheer size of each individual figure, they should have been able to make that happen!!! On this aspect alone, you’d probably be better off with the original G1 Devastator, or if you will, the EZ Devastator, or literally the Legends Classs Constructicons which consists of 7 sold-separately figures, each being able to transform into a robot form.
            To put it plainly:
1)      If you want a movie-accurate Devastator, you might as well get the EZ-Class version, which offers transformable individual, and no more movie-accurate that this supreme version.
2)      If you want value-for-money ROTF Devastator, go for EZ-Class.
3)      If you want a Devastator for its sheer size, and nothing more, then go for this Supreme version.
4)      If you have lotsa money and don’t know where to spend it on, go for this guy.
5)      If you are naïve, such as yours truly, then be my guest and get him.

‘Nuff said…
            Final verdict: 4/10. The lack of individual transformations bugs me to no end.

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  1. Ur damn right, the EZ class is way better even with 7 figures. the more, the merrier.