Transformers Review: EZ Devastator (ROTF Legends)

If you’ve read my earlier review on Constructicon Devastator, you’d noticed that I’ve made several references towards the EZ-class Devastator, and also of my dissatisfaction on the Supreme Class Devastator. The original G1 Devastator have set the bar as one of the best gestalt ever designed. In terms of individuality, the original G1 Constructicons were all of the same sizes, and combined well to form the ever-impressive Devastator. The original Constructicons do not suffer the effect as all other gestalt teams – there is no oversized-leader in their team, and they consist of 6 members instead of the conventional 5. They were the perfect gestalt team.
            EZ Class Constructicon Devastator intends to reenact those same essences. It is probably an attempt by Has-Tak to redeem themselves after the horrendous disaster that is Supreme Devastator.
            EZ Class Constructicon Devastator was initially not sold together as a set, instead are sold separately as a Legends/ Scout-Class figures (Japanese versions). This would eventually be rectified by Hasbro who did sell as a set, and even had a G1-colored redeco.
           There are in total 7 characters altogether instead of 6 as depicted on the Supreme-class. They consist of Mixmaster, Scavenger, Overload, Scrapper, Hightower, Long Haul & Rampage.

Alternate Mode:
Vehicle Modes
1)      Mixmaster - A gray-colored mixer truck. Apart from rolling smoothly on a flat surface, it offers nothing.
Mixmaster and his G1 Counterpart
2)      Scavenger - A red-colored digging truck.
Scavenger and his G1 Counteroart
3)      Overload - A red-colored hauling truck.
Long Haul and his G1 Counterpart plus Overload
4)      Long Haul - A green-colored dump truck.
5)   Scrapper - A yellow-colored excavator truck.
Scrapper and his G1 Counterpart
5)      Hightower - A yellow-colored crane.
Hightower and G1 Long Arm
6)     Rampage - A yellow-colored bulldozer.
Rampage and G1 Bonecrusher
It’s a very colorful assemble compared to the all-green of the original G1 team.
Robot Mode:
            Essentially, they’re all your normal 3-inch-plus robots, with size comparable to the old G1 Constructicons. They are almost equal in sizes. Some of the articulations of these little figures are quite amazing! Take Scrapper & Long Haul for examples, which in my opinion have the best robot modes of the set. Scavenger, Rampage & Mixmaster are recognizable from their movie counterparts, although I still have some reservation on Mixmaster’s designs. Overload looks good as well, but its hands are a tad too long for my liking, and finally Hightower who has the most unique design of all – kinda like a scorpion-inspired design. 
Long Haul and Overload
            Overall, very nifty, and definitely win points over their supreme counterparts.
Devastator Mode:
            I don’t know about you guys out there, but this is the reason why I wanted to buy this set in the 1st place. I want Devastator! Plain & simple. I specifically told my supplier to get me the entire collection – not one missing – or else I might just leave ‘em all. Some of you may choose to collect certain characters from this set only, but not me, I want Devastator. 
G1 Devastator vs ROTF Devastator
            Comparing to the Supreme version, this guy stands straighter, which I think kinda drags him further a bit from the movie-version. But that doesn’t matter much, does it? To me, he looks good. Sure, he may lack the gimmicks & articulations offered by the Supreme version, but I would still choose him over the big guy. This is what a true gestalt should be – individually transformable, with a very cool combined mode. I kinda wished that they would’ve made the size bigger, at least comparable to a Voyager-class instead of a Deluxe, but I guess that would’ve increase the cost even more.

Personally, the EZ-Class Devastator kinda rekindles the magic of the original G1 Devastator, both in essence and presentation. EZ-Class Devastator is kinda small, even smaller than the original G1 Devastator, but that doesn’t matter much. The most important thing is that it is individually transformable. I think the EZ-class Devastator easily wins over its bigger counterpart, and is highly recommended to all Devastator fans; gestalt fans; or even to those who wants to get a good representation of a ROTF Devastator. Trust me, forget the Supreme & get this guy.

            Final verdict: 9/10. Probably one of the best gestalts in recent memory.

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