Transformers Reviews: The Fallen (ROTF Voyager)

            When it was first announced the filming of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I reckon it might be named so for 2 things… My 1st theory was that it was referring to the Decepticons, in which after their horrendous defeat at Mission City, will rise again and to exact revenge against those who caused their downfall, i.e. the Autobots and the humans. My 2nd theory was that the story might be focused to one of the most mysterious character in Transformers lore – The Fallen, one of the first 13 transformers, whose real name has been lost to the annals of history. Honestly, I thought there was no way for my 2nd theory to be correct. I was glad that I was proven wrong.
            The Fallen, whose real name was later revealed to be Megatronus Prime -- analogous to the bible’s own Fallen Angel -- was a character creator in the War Within series. He was one of the first 13 transformers created by Primus, and each was tasked with a specific role and function. Some of the known members of the first 13 are Vector Prime (Keeper of Space & Time), Prima (The 1st bearer of the Creation Matrix), Nexus Prime (first combiner), Alpha Trion and The Fallen (The Observer of Entropy). Unfortunately, The Fallen -- the mightiest of the first 13, was too consumed with the destruction aspect of entropy, that he soon joined the cause of Unicron. In other words, he was the first true herald of Unicron and unlike Galvatron who was forced to be one.
            ROTF The Fallen is not the first action figure of the mysterious character. His original depiction was produced in the Titanium line, in which he was depicted as a Black Fiery Tank consumed by fire. This time around, he returns as an ancient yet futuristic spacecraft, reminiscence of 2007 movie Megatron.
            So being a major character in the second movie, how would the figure fare in this review? Well, stay tuned to find out…

Alternate Mode:
The Fallen comes packed in spacecraft mode. In this mode, he is predominantly deep green, with a bit of orange and grey here and there, and red appearing on all available cockpit panels. There is not much that you can expect from this mode. He has 2 landing gears at the back, and one under the cockpit in front. 
It’s pretty much difficult to comment about this mode, since it supposed to be an alien spacecraft. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of alien spacecraft as an alternate mode. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the futuristic spacecraft modes of both Cybertron/ Galaxy Force’s Vector Prime and Soundwave, but I do have much reservation for the first movie's Megatron's alternate mode… and that would include The Fallen’s alternate mode as well. However, the alternate mode has begun to gradually grow on me, although I’m still not too over-enthusiastic about it.  

Robot Mode:
            The Fallen fares much better in robot mode. He still looks pretty much alien to me and his looks pretty much prove just how much of a bad-@$$ the character really is. I don’t know about you guys out there, but to me, he kinda reminds me a lot of the creatures from Aliens vs. Predator. According to several sources, just as Vector Prime’s facial design was based on that of the Autobot’s insignia, The Fallen’s facial design is based on the Decepticon insignia, with an Egyptians royal head gear on it. 
            Much of the head sculpt are made from soft rubbers and I especially like the feet. It is spring-loaded and the feet will only spread when you pose him. The 5-digits on each hand are clear and obvious, but lack articulations except on the wrists. 
            Articulation-wise, apart from the wrists, there are also available at the elbow, shoulder, waist, hip, knee, ankle and toes. The biggest drawback is the head articulation, or lack thereof.  Overall, the sculpt looks fantastic, and looks pretty scary, befitting his mysterious and evil nature.

            As with all Revenge of the Fallen figures, The Fallen is equipped with Mech-Alive gimmick. In robot mode, The Fallen has 4 red-colored slide-out energy absorption panels – nothing much to shout about here.

            The Fallen is one of the most sought after figure in this line, mainly because of the history of the character itself, and also because of him being the title character if this story. I’m for one is pleased with the figure, and it is my first ever action figure from the ROTF line. It has great play-value and definitely one of the must haves in the ROTF line.

            Final verdict: 8/10. The spacecraft mode kinda drags down the marks.

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