Transformers Review – Trypticon (Device Label)

            Trypticon – a name that will strike fear to the sparks of many Autobots out there – is one of the powerhouses of the Decepticon army. He is probably one of the strongest and most powerful Decepticon warriors and is a constant sparring partner for his Autobot counterpart, Metroplex.
            I never had a Trypticon figure in my collection, and the original G1 figure has remained in my wanted list ever since I started collecting professionally. So when Takara-Tomy decided to release the Device Label the two operational computer mouse variants, I knew I just had to get the Trypticon variant, also known as Dinosaurer in Japanese. 

Alternate mode:
            As mentioned earlier, Trypticon transforms into an operational computer mouse. The size of a normal computer mouse, it fits snugly into my average-sized palm. 
Virtually no Kibbles
            There aren’t any visible kibbles on the anywhere on the mouse at all. Predominantly dark grey and stripes of orange in color, it will pass as a normal mouse to any untrained eyes.
Trypticon in Use

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode doesn’t look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex at all, let alone resembling the original Trypticon. In fact, he looks like a pint-sized raptor instead. This however does not mean that it’s not good looking. The colors, for one, are meant to resemble Trypticon. 
            Articulation-wise: the neck moves up and down; lower jaw opens and closes; the chest bends up and down; inner and outer shoulders are on rotational joints, but their movements are severely hindered due to various mouse parts; the hands opens and closes, and the wrists moves upward and down; the hips rotate; knees bend and the feet moves up and down.
            Generally, all movements are severely limited by some other parts. It would’ve been great if Takara-Tomy decided to add it a ball joint to the neck. 

            What can I say; I am sucker for both the Device Label and Music Label line. It’s the magic of a usable alternate mode that captivates me. I’ve used the mouse on a couple of occasion, and it works just fine. I think so far, it has been a move in to right direction for Takara-Tomy. Who knows, one of these days we could really have a Blaster that transforms into a real radio (not a USB hub that looks like notebook); a real usable camera and more.
            Of course, so far the prices of these Transformers have been expensive at best, and hopefully Takara-Tomy could really look into that section and make ‘em a little bit cheaper. So far, I’ve already seen a 3rd Party rendition of the Device Label Ravage that transforms into a higher capacity USB drive at less than half the price. So that means, there’s still hope for a cheaper and more affordable Device and Music Label Transformers.
           So far, it has been approximately a couple of years since Takara-Tomy issued their last figures from both lines, and hopefully it won’t just end there. Let’s pray that there’s more to come.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/ 10

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  1. This is certainly a nice figure to your addition. Do you have the grimlock version?


  2. Nope... I had many chances to get that one, but didn't, cuz I have this habit of not getting repainted figures... I already several Grimlock figures in my collection, but no Trypticon, so I opted for this version instead... hav u gotten ur Device Label Grimlock/ Trypticon?

  3. No, never did come across this figure even when visited Teencom or other hobby shops. In fact don't recall having any device label TF! But if I do come across, might skip this anyway. The only TF Label that appeals to me is Soundwave.