Transformers Review – Frenzy & Rumble (Music Label)

Frenzy and Rumble is one of those eternal anomalies in the Transformers universe. In the animated series, Rumble, who received numerous screen times, was depicted as the blue one, while Frenzy was the red one. In reality, it was the other way around. Both were from the same mould, but painted differently.
Frenzy and Rumble were both depicted as a streetwise punk character that would sometimes bite things bigger than they could chew. 
When Takara-Tomy released the Music Label Soundwave, fans anticipated the release of some of the cassette-bots as well. But since Soundwave is an MP3 player, fans did wonder what these cassette-bots would be instead. Eventually we were served with an answer – a working headphone! What a splendid idea!
Alternate mode:
            Personally I think that this was an absolutely good idea. It was the most logical thing to do. Music Label Soundwave came with a pair of normal earphone, which may or may not irk a few fans out there. The Frenzy & Rumble set acts as a perfect complement to that set – even more if you have the white-color version of Soundwave.
            The sound quality of the earphones are normal at best, because again, the purpose of Music Label products is not to sell a great state-of-the-art devices to the fans, but rather the robots which are able to transforms into usable devices. So in this respect, Frenzy & Rumble’s alternate mode ROCKS!!!

Robot Mode:
From left: Rumble & Frenzy
           As mentioned earlier, Frenzy is the red one, while Rumble is the blue. Standing at slightly more than 2.5” tall, these tiny bots looks quite good. 
            Articulation-wise: you can forget about the head articulation here; there are also shoulder swivels, but movements are severely limited; elbows are ball-jointed; the hips are on multiple swivel joints that provide all around motions; bendable knees and that’s about it.
            The articulations are really excellent here, but what do you expect if you have to carry a working earphone as a backpack?

            I really love this set. Yes I’ll admit, this is probably due to nostalgia, but I really do love it. It’s a pair of transformable earphones, what’s not to like?! I definitely recommend this set to any Transformers fans and also fans of Frenzy and Rumble, the character; even more so, if you are already a proud owner of Music Label Soundwave.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/ 10

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