Transformers Review – Starscream (Prime Deluxe)

            Following the successes of the movie franchise, the end of the Transformers: Animated series, and also the overwhelming success of the War of Cybertron video games, Hasbro eventually decides to move on with the new series called Transformers: Prime.
            A first glance at the new animated series, it is already notable that the designs of the various robots in the new line are hugely influenced by the 3 previously mentioned entities. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, for instance are clearly inspired by the movies, while Megatron is obviously inspired by its Transformers: Animated designs.  
            Starscream too, clearly has his design inspirations from the movies as well as his Animated counterpart.

Alternate mode:
            Starscream obviously transforms into a jet, which is typical for most reincarnation of the name, save for the Alternity version (even then the robot mode is jet-inspired). I have no idea on the model or make used for his alternate mode designs. 
            Unlike most Jet-formers that we’ve got, Starscream doesn’t come with any landing gears. Instead, there are 3 notches: 1 in front and 2 at the back that acts as the gears. 
            Due to the Toy Regulations in the US (man, I hate using that T-word), the nose cone, the two missiles and the pieces in front of what would be the legs, are made from soft bendable plastics.
            Apart from looking the part, the jet mode offers no more features or playability.

Robot Mode:
            One thing that has to be said about Starscream’s robot mode – he’s skinny. He’s very slim, but at the same time, he’s tall, thus making him a bit imposing. Standing at almost 6-inches to tip of his head, and with his wings protruding about 1 ½- inches more, he looks menacing and deadly. The figure may look as if he’s a bit of a hunchback, but that only succeeds in him looking way taller and at the same time, bending down.
            I also love his head sculpt, which has that hint of a smirk, so typical of scheming Starscream. As mentioned earlier, his leg spikes are made from soft rubbery plastic, as with the frontal tip of his head. 
            Articulation-wise: his head is on a ball joint, as well as his shoulders and hips; the arms rotate slightly below the elbow joints and the elbows bend; the wrists only flips and back; there is also a waist joint, with a locking mechanism that ensures the waist always faces front (or back); the knees bend; and finally the toe and feet flaps swings inward and out.
            The articulations of this figure is very delicious and the overall sculpt is really detailed. The set also comes with a paper Transformers: Prime stand.
Oh, but of course, My Lord Megatron...
            The box says that this is the First Edition Series, so that means that there will definitely be more repaints or retooling of this particular sculpt. Overall, I think this is a very good figure, and is a good sign of the rest of the figures to come in the series. I’ve already watched a couple episodes in the new series, and so far, it has gotten hyped up.
            If you’re a fan of the series, and even more so if you are a fan of Starscream, do get this guy, unless of course if you wanna be picky and wait for a possible retooling of the sculpt in the future.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/ 10

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  1. 2 days ago I picked up First Edition Deluxe class Bumblebee. It looks cheap because of the yellow plastic used and kind of disappointing. But I'll surely get this guy. I like it being tall.
    Great review Jerry. Hoping to see more reviews on Transformers: Prime toyline.