Transformers Review – G1 Starscream (Kabaya)

            A few months ago, I did a review on the Kabaya Super Ginrai & God Bomber set. Kabaya is of course a Japanese confectionary company, who apparently received permission to reproduce various Transformers assembler kit, sold with a chewing gum. 
            So far, 4 Waves have been released and I am proud to say that I have managed to obtain all figures from all Waves so far, except for G1 Jetfire/ Skyfire. Starscream, along with Super Ginrai and God Bomber are all a part of the Wave 3.

Alternate Mode:
            Starscream’s alternate mode is literally a dead ringer to his original G1 figure. He is very show accurate.
Robot Mode:
            Starscream has a very accurate robot mode with very limited articulations. It is also advisable that you always have a toothpick, tweezers or a very tiny small screwdriver in order to stick on the stickers. 
            For the price, I think the figure is quite worth it. It’s literally a part-former, and if you’re like me, you’ll definitely enjoy the brief construction process. But do be wary, due to price, the plastics used are quite fragile and do be very, very careful when constructing or transforming these figures.

Verdict: 8/10


  1. I don't know about this figure, but the Legends class Megatron and Optimus Prime you did the review, the quality seems better than this. Do you have Starscream Legends as well?


  2. Legends Starscream (which unfortunately I do not have him) is in a totally different class compared to Kabaya G1 Starscream, and is indeed a way better option for collectors. However, if you're the type of individual who enjoys building/ assembling your own figure, then Kabaya is definitely for you. That's the magic of this set...

    However, you should take note that the quality of these Kabaya figures are way inferior to any other figures issued by Takara-Tomy or Hasbro, the plastics feels cheap, and the articulations are literally out of the window...