Transformers Review – Victory Star Saber (Kabaya)

            I guess by now, most of you guys out there might already know how the list of my Transformers-collecting Holy Grail is like. The list contains some of the big names in Transformers Universe that stretched from the original G1 series such as Trypticon, Fortress Maximus and Sixshot, all the way to the more recent Star Wars Crossover Death Star Darth Vader, RiD Omega Prime, Armada Jetfire and Transformers Cybertron/ Galaxy Force Override (Nitro Convoy in Japanese) and Evac (Live Convoy). Somewhere in that list, you’ll find the name Star Saber in it.
            When I say Star Saber, I do not mean the Minicon Star Saber, where 3 Minicons: Sonar, Runway and Jetstorm, combine together to form one of the Armada-verse most power weapons – the Star Saber Sword. I have the Energon version of these figures, and come to think of it, I might just do a review of these guys soon. 
            Anyways, despite the awesome might of the weapon, I felt that this has been a disgrace to the name to put the name of once-a-legendary Autobot leader to a mere weapon. Anyways, to those not in the know, Star Saber was the Autobot Commander on Earth during the events of Transformers: Victory, as the successor of Ginrai (during the events of Transformers: Masterforce).
            Unfortunately, I still do not have this figure, but what I do have is the Kabaya version of the legendary character. I know it’s a bad substitute, but one has to make do with what he has, right? Maybe someday, I’ll be able to get him, and you guys will definitely be the first to know about it.
            Anyway, Kabaya Star Saber is one of the 3 Wave 1 Kabaya Transformers assembler kit available, along with G1 Optimus Prime and the Classic version of the G1 Optimus Prime.

Alternate Mode:
            Anyways, as depicted in the late 80’s Japanese animated series, Star Saber transforms into a jet. Being a Kabaya model kit, it’s no surprise that he does not have the mini-jet mode that was available in the original set. The original figure would have the smaller robot (not the tiny Brainmaster robot) transforms into a smaller jet, before combining with a trailer-esque jet to become a larger jet.
            To its credit, it’s quite show accurate.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is quite good and he’s probably my favorite of the three kits available in Wave 1. The robot mode is a dead-ringer to his animated version. If you look closely, Star Saber’s face really looks like Optimus Prime’s face, but with different color scheme and a longer set of antennae. 
           The articulations are typical for a standard Kabaya Transformers: the head turns; shoulders turn; elbow bends; hips split outward; and that’s about it.
            The articulation sucks (as usual), but I really love how this tiny figure looks.

            If you’re looking to get only 1 set of Kabaya Wave 1 Transformers, or even to get only one set out of the entire line, I would highly recommend this guy right here. If you’re a fan of the character, and of course if you’re a sucker for Transformers assembler kit, then this figure is definitely for you.

Verdict: 9/10

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