Transformers Review – Reveal the Shield Autobot Tracks


To be honest with you, I ain’t much of a Track’s fan. He is literally the transformer’s personification of the term – pretty boy. He puts his image and how he looks ahead of everything else. He is almost similar to Sunstreaker in terms of obnoxiousness, and even more. Still, he’s a unique character and had been the star of a few episodes, one of which he was to investigate cases of stolen vehicles, and performed excellently, if I might say so.  

I have never had a Tracks figure before, so this is definitely my first. Back in the days, the one thing that made this character so unique is that he was one of the few Autobots that were gifted with the ability of flight, albeit in the flying car mode only. So when HasTak revealed that Tracks was going to be released under the Reveal the Shield banner and seeing as how he was animation-accurate, I thought I might as well give it a shot and placed my booking immediately for the figure.

So here we are…

Car mode:
            Tracks comes packed in his sports car mode. He looks entirely blue, with a little bit of flame decals on the hood. I can’t really identify what type of car that he is based from as I am not much of a car buff, and if you know what vehicle he is based from, please feel free to write in the comments section. The windshields, apart from the back one, are made from black colored translucent plastics that really camouflaged the interior of the car itself. 
            On both sides of the door, at the skirting, you can clearly see the missiles that he uses as shoulder cannons. I don’t quite know whether it is purposely designed that way, or it’s just a kibble. His wheels are made from normal plastics, but roll quite freely. 

Flight mode:
            Like I’ve said a thousand other times, I hate 3rd modes, because normally, they are half-heartedly designed, and this flight mode is yet another example of that notion. The door simply opens up awkwardly and stretched outward. The guns themselves would be attached to the spoilers – based on the guns’ height and placing alone, I wonder what us the real uses for those guns.
            I just wished that they would’ve added in a pair of small wings under the car, which would only be deployed during flight mode, while leaving the doors untouched. Based on the current situation, once the doors are opened, they will reveal even more kibbles underneath, which really destroy the overall look.
            In other words, let us just forget the flight mode ever existed in the first place.

Robot Mode:
            Yup, he is unmistakably Tracks alright, right up from the head sculpt, the wings, the shoulder canon right down to his body. His feet are a bit funny, which to me kinda looks a bit like duck feet. Generally, it is way better than the flight mode, but kinda comes a bit short compared to Jazz.

            Anyways, here’s the rundown of his articulations. His head is on a ball joint, but due to the shape and design of the head, it kinda hinders the neck articulations. Moreover, the shoulders and hips are also on ball joints. There is also another joint on the inner shoulders to provide more movements to the arms, and also another joint right below the shoulders to enable the arm to rotate. The elbows are made of 2-point joints, which kinda like Jazz, while the wrist rotates. Instead of a set of fists, Tracks comes with opened hands, but are still able to grip onto his gun. The waist turns, the knees bend, and finally, there is also some sort of ankle joints present.  

            The lower body joints, namely the hips, ankles and knees are very loose, thus kinda hinders the pose-ability of the figure. I’m not sure whether it’s just with my figure or a general QC issue though. The chest piece, which is also the roof in car mode, looks kinda too big for the figure,


            As a whole, Tracks is a decent figure based on a popular G1 character. He really looks the part. There are several QC issues though, which kinda pollute the overall finishing of the figure. I still think that HasTak should’ve streamlined his designs better.
            Still, if you are a Tracks fan, then this is definitely the figure for you. This is probably the most animation-accurate Tracks we will ever find – period, and I also doubt that there will be another version of him anytime soon.

Final verdict, 8/10.

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