Transformers Review – Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz

            Despite being an avid Transformers collector, I have to admit, I don’t have that many Jazz figures in my collection. So far, prior to this, I had only Alternators Jazz to show around with, and he was awesome. Being an Alternator and also a white color plastic, my only gripe with that figure is that the white on those plastic tends to turn yellow over time, and there’s practically nothing you could do about it. Anyways, that is for another review. The 2007 Movie looks good, but the figure had been really difficult to come by. They tried to replicate the G1 theme on the same mould, but I am of the opinion that it didn’t quite work. G1 decals on a movie figure just ain’t my cup of tea. The original G1 Jazz figure was released part of the Encore line some years back, and it is still readily available even now, but the price soared to a somewhat quite unreasonable price, for a figure that big, even though I liked the design.

So now finally, here we have the Reveal the Shield (RTS) Jazz, a brand new sculpt that is definitely deserved to be called as a re-imagination of the hugely popular classic G1 character (rest in peace, Scatman Crothers). From photos that I have seen on the web, he really looks like the original G1-animated version of himself, with a little bit of Alternators feel to it. To be honest with you, I almost miss out on this little fella due to its very high demand from the fans, but thankfully I didn’t, or else there won’t ever a review right now.

Alternate mode:
            Jazz’s alternate mode is definitely some sort of a Porsche, as was his alternate mode back in the old days. There is no Porsche logo on any part of the car indicate this, but it sure doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that it’s a Porsche. Although this mode has been called as “Street Rally” mode on the box, I’d still say that he’s a sports car, especially with his sports stripes that stretches from the tip of the hood, right down to the start point of the spoilers. His rub sign is on the roof of the car, but let’s admit it, anyone here who doesn’t know Jazz’s allegiance?! 

            There are also the number “4” decals on both sides of the door, and also on the hood, and I guess that’s why they called him a street rally mode. Unlike his G1 predecessor, he doesn’t have any rubber tires, but only plastic tires that thankfully turn quite freely.

            The windshields are made from blue-colored translucent plastic, which reveal much of the interiors. I wished that there would’ve been some steering wheels or seat sculpts within to make it more realistic, but I guess it’s just not possible to do so, due to the transformation.

            The car mode also has a gimmick whereby you can open up the doors and pull out the speakers within, and replicate the G1 scenes where he’d use the speakers to play some really cool music. The instructions would tell you the way on how to adjust Jazz’s speakers in car mode, but I prefer my way to adjust them. 
As Per Instructions

My Preference

Robot Mode:
            Well baby, Jazz just shines in this mode. He looks darn good, baby!!! He looks just like his animation counterpart!!! Transforming Jazz into his robot fun is fun. He’s not too difficult to transform, and has a little bit of auto-morph function in it, especially when you’re transforming the feet and the chest piece – nice little touches. 
Awesome Articulations
             The articulations are awesome. The head, shoulders, hips and wrists are all on ball joints which offer a wide-range of motions. The shoulders also have another inward / outward joint near the chest right before the shoulder wheels, it may have been intentional, but rather due to the transformation process, but heck, it was well executed nonetheless. Right below the shoulders and above the elbows, the arms turn. The elbows and knees, and I really love the elbows and the knees, are on 2-point joints, which really gives you the satisfaction when putting him in various poses. Also, Jazz even comes with a waist joint!!! Jazz’s shins are also unique that they are made from a piece of plastic loaded on springs, which kinda transform on themselves while you’re twisting the back-wheel portion to their intended positions. 
            Right behind the doors, which now acts as its wings, are the set of speakers that we mentioned earlier. You can also replicate some of the scenes in the old G1 cartoon and have them deployed in robot mode. Of course, in the original series, the speakers were on his waist instead of his shoulders, but I ain’t complaining. Also, the head sculpt is very nice, but it would've been better if Jazz were to smile a bit, since he's supposed to enjoy his stay on Earth, rather than his expression showing as if he was being somewhat angry.

Blasters combined with Speakers

            I haven’t had so much fun posing a transformers figure since for quite some time, and Jazz really provided me with a very pleasant breath of fresh air. The RTS line really is beginning to prove itself as a series to be reckoned with and complements well with the hugely successful Generations line. You can’t help it but to thank the people at HasTak, who in my opinion put a lot of thought in designing this piece of masterpiece for us to enjoy.

            I really enjoyed this little dude, and he is definitely a fantastic figure, worthy of any collection. This figure is really difficult to come by, and if you have the opportunity to grab it, do so, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised.

Final verdict, 10/10. Excellent

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