Transformers Review – Universe Inferno

            The Classic 1.0 has really set a standard in the art of Transformers-figure making. It introduced new technologies and aesthetics that were normally only present in higher end transformers figures such as Binaltechs and Alternators, into figures that are much cheaper and affordable. The Classic 1.0 line were the first to have benefitted from this, which resulted in many commendable figures under that flagship, i.e. Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Megatron, Bumblebee etc.

            The original Universe line however focused on the amalgamation of numerous Transformers series into a single continuity, thus you’d have variety of figures ranging from Beast Wars and Machines, right down to G1, and even obscured series such as Car Robots. It was years later that the people at HasTak finally decided to combine both series as the new and improved Universe Line, but with Classic aesthetics, thus the reason why many TransFans out there had fondly dubbed the new universe line as the Classic 2.0. This series would become immensely popular that the same concept would be reused in many subsequent lines such as the new Generations and Reveal the Shield.

            The figure that I will be reviewing today is from the Classic 2.0/ Universe line, called Inferno. Inferno was a character that was scarcely used in original G1 series. He appeared in several of the episodes, but normally is nothing more than cameo appearances. He was normally paired with Red Alert as both are normally in charge of Fire Rescue. Inferno is released as an Ultra-Class figures, and from the initial photos that I’d seen, he really kinda reminded me of Optimus Prime and looked really good. So needless to say when I first saw him in KLCC, I never thought twice. 

Robot Mode:
            Inferno looks great in this mode. I however am of the opinion that he doesn’t quite deserved to be made into an Ultra-class (and the same goes to Seaspray), since their characters aren’t really that prominent enough back in the G1 days, but the figure does look cool.
            The articulations are okay at best. The head is on a ball joint, but he can’t really look way up. The shoulders are on rotating ratcheting joints, which are very tight. Just below the shoulders are the joints that enable Inferno to lift his hands and another set of joints for him to rotate. The elbows bend and the wrist also turns. Inferno is devoid of any waist movement, but the hips are on joints that allow various direction of movement, but unfortunately I think they are way too loose. It would’ve been better if they are tighter. The knees bend and finally, a little bit of feet articulation that are devoid of any ankles movement. 
            I really wished that they would’ve found a way to cover his back rather than leaving it awkwardly exposed. It just isn’t clean enough of a finish that you would expect from an Ultra-class figure. The shoulder pads are a bit intrusive as well, which is quite a bother when you try to put Inferno in various poses. Almost all of Inferno’s joints are bit too loose for my liking, and are some of the major down points of this figure. 
            The flat chest and belly piece can look a bit awkward, reminiscence of Grand Convoy (of Superlink fame), but not as bad.

Fire Truck Mode:
            The fire truck, in my opinion looked very believable, and has a very clean finish. My only gripe is with the finishing on top of the trucks. There is a humongous kibble up that, and I wished that they could have done better to disguise the hands up there. Inferno’s blaster weapon in robot mode now acts as a water nozzle, and the blue translucent plastic bullet that you can insert into it kinda portrays it to be a blotch of water shooting out.
             The red paint on this truck is perfect, plus the detailing and other paint applications made this truck look as if it a real model. The clear translucent plastic enables you to look inside the cockpit, and it really pleases me that there are actually 2 seats inside and a steering wheel – a very nice touch. The detailing such as ladders and water pumps really do add to the realism of the truck mode.
            If you have Generations Red Alert, you can actually pair them together (considering that they are supposed to be partners) and they really do look in scale to one another.
Inferno & Red Alert


            Overall I think that they really could’ve done better with this mold. The robot mode’s joints are just too loose while the shoulders are too tight. The back of the robot also could use a little bit of mass and the figure doesn’t quite bode well for me from the back.
            The fire truck mode however is awesome, except for the huge kibble of top of the truck where the water nozzle is. The paint finishing is excellent and really do look awesome. As of the time of this writing, HasTak has already re-released the mold as Grapple. I am not sure whether or not they overcome these issues though.
            So, if you’re a fan of Inferno, then he is definitely a must have. But if you’re looking for a bot with a much cleaner finish, you might as well skip him and aim for other figures instead.

            Final verdict: 7/ 10. 


  1. Bro, you sure the packaging release says Ultra Class? It should be a Voyager Class figure.


  2. My bad, thanks for correcting... it's a Voyager-Class figure... must've been feeling dozy when I was writing the review, heheh...