Transformers Review: Transformers 2010 G1 Predaking

First of all, you have absolutely no idea how excited I am right now, to finally be able to own a Predaking. After waiting for years, after pulling so many strings, finally, I have got it.
Lo and behold, Predaking.
Now before we proceed even further, let’s have ourselves a little bit of history lesson. The Predacons was first featured in the episode “Five Faces of Darkness” where they combined to form Predaking to take on their nemesis, Sky Lynx. Historically, Predaking has been known to be the ultimate gestalt in history. Where most gestalts from the G1 era had flaws: Devastator (unable to have combined intelligence), Superion (fast, but not strong enough), Menasor (too dumb), Bruticus (can’t think by himself, but is very loyal), Defensor (not offensive enough) & Computron (thinks too long), Predaking relies on the only thing the cumulative Predacons do best – the thrill of the hunt, the instinct of a hunter. Predaking is immensely strong and very deadly. Although he was disappointedly portrayed in the animated series as considerably weak, his comic depiction was much better, and was much closer to its data sheet.
Anyways, enough of these talks, and let us move on to the appetizers…
Razorclaw is the de facto leader of the group, and is one of the most skilled hunters there ever was. He doesn’t like to waste energy and would rather wait patiently in order to wait for a suitable window of opportunity to strike.
Alternate Mode:
Razorclaw transforms into a lion, and wields Predaking’s blaster on his back as his own weapon. He feels quite hefty.
His articulation is quite okay. His mouth opens, and his neck turns. His front legs can move back and the claws can move. There is also a waist articulation, but this is mainly due to his subsequent transformations. The hips can move back, the hind knee & back claws can also move. Razorclaw also has a tail, but its movement is kinda hindered by the mounted blaster.
Robot Mode:
Razorclaw’s robot mode is huge, and is way bigger than your normal Deluxe-class figures. In this mode, and also the case of the robot mode for the rest of the team, he is as big as most Power Core Combiners’ Combiners. Standing next to my PCC Grimstone Super Mode, they looked like suitable sparring partners.
His articulations are quite okay too. The head tilts up, although it cannot turn. The arms turn 360°. He also has waist movement, which is good. The hips move and so do the knees. My only complaint is the hands, or whatever that is lacking from the hands, namely the size and articulations, but that really is quite normal for G1 figures.
This is one heck of a figure with commendable articulations for a figure from his generation. Although is exceptionally short pair of hands can drag his points down a bit. Still overall, he is highly recommended.
Verdict: 8/10
Rampage is one angry dude, and he is very fearsome in battles. What makes him even scarier is that he is a through and through psycho. What the lamest part of Rampage’s bios is the fact that he has the silliest of all weaknesses – TV, because he gets darn easily distracted by TV programs.
No, seriously, I ain’t lying!!!
Alternate Mode:
Rampage transform into a tiger. Aesthetically and articulation-wise, he is almost like a twin to Razorclaw. In this mode, he wields a pair of shoulder-mounted weapons.
Robot Mode:
As I’ve said earlier, he is literally a duplicate twin for Razorclaw, so I guess there is no need for me to blab unnecessarily.
A good figure – as good as Razorclaw.
Verdict: 8/10
Divebomb is a loner that really loves destruction. He enjoys utilizing his ability of flight to terrorize everyone down below.
Alternate Mode:
He is definitely my favorite among the rest, largely because he is totally different from the rest, and also the fact that he looks awesome.
In this mode, Divebomb wields a pair of wing-mounted guns. His wings can both span and un-span. The head moves up and down, and the beak is movable. He also has tail feathers that could move, and finally, the talons.
Robot Mode:
He is the most perfectly proportioned compared to the rest of the gang. His hands are designed just long enough to match the size of his body and the lengths of his legs. His articulations are no different from Rampage and Razorclaw.
The additional wings at the back really made this figure look extra appealing and definitely one of the must-haves.
If you couldn’t care less about Predaking and just wanted only one Predacon in your collection, the Divebomb should really be your pick. He is already awesome on his own.
Verdict: 10/10
Tantrum is literally the powerhouse of the entire group and he acts as the fueler for the Predacons. Almost as angry as Rampage (probably even more), he often lets his rage and brute strength to do the thinking for him.
Alternate Mode:
In ox or bull mode, he wields one of Predaking’s feet as a weapon on this back. Generally, Tantrum is a brick with 4 legs and a head protruding out. All legs articulations are limited and the head can both turn and tilt, and that’s practically just it.
Robot Mode:
This guy is the very personification of bricks. I really hate his legs since both legs are joined together at the end, and also have no articulations whatsoever. But what Tantrum lacks in leg articulations, he makes up with really good arm articulations, complete with elbows. It’s worth to mention that the shoulders are on ratcheting joints which feels real good.
He is a total brick, and is the least of my favorites.
Verdict: 7/10
I am surprised that his bios depicted him as being the weakest of the Predacons. He is a darn rhinoceros for crying out loud, he should be the powerhouse of the group, and definitely not the weakest. Anyways, what’s done is done, and due to being the weakest, he is literally feels quite insecure about himself, and with very low self esteem. Still, he more than makes it up with sheer stubbornness.
Alternate Mode:
In rhino mode, Headstrong is almost as bad as Tantrum. But what I do like about him is his head sculpt, which I think nailed the rhino-look just right. He also wields one of Predaking’s feet as his weapon on his back.
Robot Mode:
Being the weakest of the group, Headstrong is also the smallest of the group. With articulations almost similar to Tantrum in every aspect, he is probably the weakest in terms of designs too. It is worth to mention that the elbows do work, but unlike Tantrum whose elbows swing in and out sideways, Headstrong’s elbows turn in and outward frontally.
Similar to Tantrum, he is a total brick.
Verdict: 7/10
This is it, people!!! Now that we’re done with the appetizers, here comes the main dish!!! This is why we bought the Predacons in the first place. But if you’re like me, without this mode, the rest of the Predacons are worth squat! Predaking is the ultimate Predator. Unless your English is very, very bad, you should already know by now that even his name itself is a pun – a king of predators.
Predaking solely lies on his killer instinct to get the job done. He doesn’t think, and he only reacts. Immensely and brutally strong, he is also very, very agile for a guy his size, which makes him a really fearsome warrior, and a huge asset for the Decepticon army.
Predaking is huge. He is humongous!!! Compared to Piranacon, who is another notably huge gestalt in my collection, the latter looks so diminutive!!! Compared to Masterpiece Optimus Prime, Predaking is only about an inch shorter, but noticeably broader.
In combined mode, Predaking has quite good articulations. The arms turn 360° and the elbow joints can also turn. Surprisingly, he also has wrist articulations, which I had not expected it. Finally, Predaking also possesses waist and hip articulations.
Predaking looks a bit ridiculous having to wield Razorclaw’s puny sword as his own sword (which look rather like a dagger if you ask me), although I especially love the blaster that he wields. The weapon that he wields can transform from a double-barrel blast into a single-barrel blaster, which is very neat.
What I like about the Predacons, compared to the other gestalts is that all of their individual components are off the same sizes, which similar to the original Devastator and the ROTF Devastator. Conventional gestalt teams such as the Aerialbots, the Combaticons, and the Seacons etc, all have an over-sized leader that transform into the body and torso, with really diminutive group members, which are kinda odd considering that they are all depicted as the same sizes in the animation series. That alone earns this Predacon sets huge amounts of points for me.
Released in late November 2010, this reissued G1 Predacons can serve as a really good, albeit expensive Christmas present, especially to those classic TransFans such as yours truly, or to those who love robots in general. I am really happy that I was able to get him, and thanks to Teencom for helping me with that. Predaking is definitely one of my Holy Grails of Transformers collecting, and this is definitely the Christmas gift for me.

Final Verdict: 10/10 for Predaking and the whole set.

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  1. i also got mine which i bought from Private Import Japan. what i love in this toy is the orange black combination. it really looks cool!