Transformers Review – Generations Thunderwing

I really got to be honest with you, I had no idea who the heck Thunderwing is. The name is somehow vaguely familiar, but I just couldn’t recall the character. The only thing that I do about Thunderwing was that at some point, he was a Minicon in Armada, and was a partner for Skywarp (I know that because I have a knockoff version of Armada Skywarp).
So I did myself a little bit of research regarding the matter at hand, and I found out that during the G1 comic era, Thunderwing was apparently a fearsome Decepticon warlord, that a various point in history, even the Decepticons themselves had issues with this guy. From what I can gain, this guy is even a bigger and deadlier @$$hole than Megatron will ever be.
Also, he was also the only Decepticon that have managed to utilize the power of the Creation Matrix, albeit the fact that at some point, the Matrix itself was corrupted by Thunderwing’s evil ways.
So Thunderwing is indeed a heck of a character, and for that alone, I know I had to get this one. So does his action figure manage to live up to its namesake? Let’s find out.
Alternate mode:
As with all other character that bear the name Thunderwing, he transform into a jet. It’s not really a specified type of jet, but rather a random designed jet that was believable. Anyhow, from atop, the jet looks good, but as with most other jet figures, everything goes downhill the moment you flip him over. In Thunderwing’s case, perhaps he is worse than others. The underside of the jet is full of kibbles. You can clearly see all the robot features down there. The jet mode itself looks as though as the robot itself was lying face first towards the floor.
Other than that, Thunderwing has nothing else to boast in terms of features.
Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Thunderwing looks menacingly good. The coloring that they use for Thunderwing is a bit dull, but would’ve changed significantly had they’ve been a little bit more vibrant. The head sculpt is amazing. I can see traces of Megatron in it, but fiercer and meaner. There’s also light piping in the eyes that works very well.
In terms of articulations, the head disappointingly can only 360°. The shoulders, although are on ball joints, are limited in terms of movement due to their pointy shoulder pads that can be a bit intrusive. The arms can rotate just below the shoulders and bend at the elbows, and also the wrists turn.
The figure disappointingly doesn’t have a waist articulation, although they could have really put one there had they really wanted it. The hips are on ball joints, the knees bend and a slight ankle movement.
It’s ashamed though that for an overly aggressive character, the color scheme is extremely unaggressive. You would’ve thought that a character of his stature would have colors coordination that would scream Decepticon. But literally, it didn’t happen here.
But I do like the Gundam-esque wings at the back, which kinda adds elements into the figure, making it more exciting.
The two blasters that Thunderwing comes along with can either be wielded on both hands, or mounted on his wings – it’s really up to your preferences.
Undoubtedly, Thunderwing is a great character and a really great concept that with executions that is slightly below expectations. After all the great things that Generations have ever come up with in the past, I had expected more from this figure, especially what I have seen with Scourge. If only they had done better with the coloring, then it could’ve been a different story. Anyways, I think Takara-Tomy would probably release their own version of the figure under the Transformers United banner, and for what I have seen so far with their version of Generations figures, the color applications are superb. So probably, Thunderwing would get a much better treatment there.
So it’s really up to you. If you want a relatively cheaper Thunderwing figure, go for this one. But if you’re willing to spend more and have a really vibrantly-colored Thunderwing figure, I’d suggest you wait for the Transformers United, and see what they can come up with.
Final verdict, 7/ 10.

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