Transformers Review – Scourge (Generattions Deluxe)


In recent memory, the name Scourge itself has commonly been used to refer to an evil version of Optimus Prime, in the veins of Nemesis Prime. The only original character to have used the name was for the Cybertron animated series, by the leader of Jungle Planet (that’s Flame Convoy from Animatros for you Galaxy Force fans out there).
The original portrayal of the name, and by far the most well known of all, has to be the original G1 character. Although technical he is a leader (of the Sweeps), I consider him as more of a lackey to both Galvatron and Cyclonus. He was the bell boy to the more influential two. However, looking at the tech specs provided at the back of the packaging, he has fairly high specs, which to me, is kinda odd considering the character he was back then. He has a 10 for Strength, Courage and Endurance; 9 for Intelligence, Speed and Fireblast; and finally 8 for Rank and Skill. Anyways, these tech specs have been proven to be quite unreliable at times, so no comments there.
Alternate mode:
            Scourge comes packaged in a triangular-ish space craft. In my opinion, realistically, this would’ve been a far convincing alternate mode than the flying boat thing, but I just can’t shake away the feeling of wanting it to be rendered in that ridiculous flying boat mode nonetheless, but I guess we have to concede to modernization. 
            Still, surprisingly, I really like this mode. The white and blue combination really works well. The figure itself felt durable and sturdy when holding it, and best of all, he has virtually no kibble at all. There is nothing in this mode that could suggest that this figure is transformable. Very, very nice.
From left: Universe Cyclonus, Universe Galvatron and Generations Scourge
Robot Mode:
               Scourge is fantastic here. The Generations line again has proven itself to be one of the best lines ever in the history of the Transformers franchise. Generations has managed to keep things simple, and yet, not sacrificing any of the looks and aesthetics of the figure. Scourge is, in my opinion, one of the numerous success stories of the line. I really love the details that they have in this figure, especially with Scourge’s facial hairs and his wings, where you can store his weapons in.
               His articulations are nothing short of amazing. The head is on a ball joint. The shoulders have full range of motions, and the elbows and wrist joints work. He also has a waist and full range of hip articulations. Then finally, the knees and the ankles move up and down. 
              Despite having a totally different alternate mode, Scourge actually managed to pull a look very similar to its animated counterpart. The blue color on this mode is very vibrant, and suits very well with this figure. He is very much in scale to Galvatron, and as you probably could see from the photo below, Cyclonus is slightly too big for the trio combo.
From left: Universe Cyclonus, Universe Galvatron and Generations Scourge
                Of course, that is a totally different issue here. But as far as Scourge is concerned, he is definitely the best of the trio. 

               The Generations line has time and again proven to be one of the highlight of the franchise to date. This version of Scourge is definitely one the best depiction of Scourge to date. Everything about this figure is right, and if you’re really a fan of Transformers franchise, a G1 or a Generations fan, this is definitely a must-have.
              Absolutely recommended.

              Final verdict, 10/ 10. Marvelous.

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