SHFiguarts Review: Shadow Moon

            As mentioned in my previous review of SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Black figure, the Kamen Rider Black is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best Kamen Rider series, if not the best of all time.
            Not only was the storyline was very intriguing, it also marked one of the first times where there was actually an evil Kamen Rider, in the form of Shadow Moon.
            I don’t know about all of you, who’re reading this right now, but even after all these years where the Kamen Rider franchise have flourished to what it is today, I still think that Kamen Rider Black and Shadow Moon look the best. Somehow, I feel that they have that certain elegance and suave to them.
            As the story goes, Kotaro Minami and his stepbrother, Nobuhiko Akizuki were abducted by the Gorgom, and infused both of them with a type of powerful jewel called the King Stones, and were subsequently renamed as Century Kings Black Sun and Shadow Moon respectively. While Kotaro managed to escape before the transformation was completed, and would eventually prove to be a thorn in Gorgom’s quest for world domination, Nobuhiko wasn’t so lucky. Gorgom managed to fully complete the transformations, with Shadow Moon eventually became their leader and ended up being a constant thorn in Black’s quest to defeat the evil empire.  
            As far as the Kamen Riders go, Kamen Rider Black, along with his brother – Shadow Moon, has been two of the most sought-after figures in the line. They are very difficult to find, and whenever they are available, the prices are just overwhelming. Judging from the popularity of the TV series itself, it’s not really that difficult to know why.
            Before I go on with the review, I’d like to thank my buddy – Big Daddy V – for lending me his Shadow Moon figure, thus making this review possible. I have been wanting to have a closer look at this figure for a while now, so here is the review…

Action Figure:
            Shadow Moon looks awesome! The moment that I took the figure out of the box, I was immediately dumbstruck by the sheer details of the figure. While KM Black is known for its simplicity and slickness, Shadow Moon is all about bad@$$-ness.

            The silver paint application is clean and slick and the various studs all over the body seem to accentuate Shadow Moon toughness and sheer ruggedness.
            Holding up both Black and Shadow Moon together, you can’t help but noticed that Shadow Moon is slightly heavier, which makes this figure more stable and easier to stand him up, even with various fancy poses – that improvement factor alone, at least in my opinion, better than the already stellar Kamen Rider Black figure.
Detailed Head Sculpt
            The head sculpt itself is so darn good and very, very detailed. Again, just like Black, his compound eyes and his King Stone are made from the same material, with them being green instead of red.
King Stone
            His antennae can be quite pointy, and might break off if you accidentally hit it too hard.
Rider Kick!
            There is also a pointy, yet rubbery protrusion behind the elbows, which I guess they could be used as weapons.
Spikes and Portrusions
            On the heels, there are pairs of pointy protrusions that kind of resemble grasshopper’s legs. The protrusions do not serve any purpose except aesthetic-wise.
Shadow Moon performing the Boston Crab...

            Articulation-wise, Shadow Moon has the exact points of articulations as Kamen Rider Black, so I won’t want t repeat myself here – double-jointed neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abs-crunch, waist, hips, knees and ankles. However, most of these joints seem to be improvements made from Kamen Rider Black’s.
Or how about Bray Wyatt's Sister Abigail?

            The head seems to be able to look up more. His abs-crunch crunches better here compared to Black’s.
Good ol' JR: Rockbottom, Rockbottom, Rockbottom!!!
            Overall, the articulation points are excellent, and coupled with his enhanced stability; you can put him to variously more adventurous poses compared to Black.
Power Bomb...
Followed by a one-legged cocky pin
            Accessories-wise, unlike Kamen Rider Black, Shadow Moon comes with loads of accessories. Apart from his extra hands, i.e. relaxed open-hands and sword gripping hands, he comes with 3 swords.
Satan Sabre

            The longest sword, which is the better looking one is called the Satan Sabre, which is a weapon specially made for Century Kings.
Shadow Sabers
            The other two swords, i.e. short and longer ones – are called the Shadow Sabers, which was used by Shadow Moon after his Satan Sabre was taken by Black.
            With all these accessories, his articulations and sheer stability, you will have loads of fun with him – guaranteed.

Equally as good, if not better than Kamen Rider Black; his overall essence in that the complete opposite of his stepbrother. Where Black is all about slickness and simplicity; Shadow Moon is all about brute power and chaotic beauty. I like Shadow Moon, to the point that I think, much more than Black!
If I was to be honest, if I was to choose Black over Shadow Moon, it would be due to sheer nostalgia purposes. But in all honesty, if I were to choose between te two, I would pick Shadow Moon. He just look simply wicked and bad@$$ enough, and quite frankly, the most bad@$$-looking Kamen Rider of all!
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 10/10. 

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