Transformers 30th Anniversary Expo Malaysia 2014 - Review

Greeted by Optimus Prime
Hey yo, fellow Cybertronians,

Between 31 January 2014 to 16 February 2014, history will be made. The biggest Transformers Expo in Asia has finally come to our shores! In conjunction of the brand's 30th Anniversary, this expo is held in the iconic Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.
For Malaysians, this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to rekindle their childhood memories and getting reacquainted with what they grew up with.
Unlike those in the USA, where conventions such as this, e.g. SDCC and BotCon are held annually, this expo is a one-off event.
Life-sized Statue of Bumblebee
Life-sized Statue of Optimus Prime
There are so much fun and activities held. Visitors can interact with either Bumblebee or Optimus Prime and take photos with them. Visitors will also get the opportunity to take photos with a life-size replica of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, as well as the iconic Camaro Sports Car.
The Iconic Camaro
The Allspark
3D background for a satisfying photography experience
Visitors will also be watching a short 10-minutes 3D movie depicting the rich history of the brand, from 1984 to the present. After that, visitors will be served with a brief 3D-mapping light show showcase. For those looking for souvenirs, there are also makeshifts stores selling action figures, t-shirts, stationery, cap and many more.
Cybertron/ Galaxy Force and Energon/Superlink Showcase
However, the highlight of the Expo has to be the 7 showcases of action figures, which spans across all toylines, such as G1, G2, Beast Wars etc. The showcases, which consist of personal collections of members of TransMY, has proven to be a crowd puller. Some of the highlights of these showcases has to be Generation One (which was where this brand began with), Masterpiece/ Alternators/ Binaltech (which catered high end market), the Exclusives and the Bumblebee corner.
The Action Figures Showcase
All of the figures in the Bumblebee showcase is actually owned by a female TransMYians, all of which consisted of a quarter of her personal collections.
Bumblebee, Titanium and Power Core Combiners Show
These showcases in itself will be setting a Malaysia Book of Record record for the largest gathering of Transformers Action Figure in an event/ exhibit.
Exclusive Figures Showcase
If you are lucky, you will be given brief briefings on what the brand is all about, as well as a short introduction of some of the interesting figures and characters on display from some of the TransMY member on duty.

For the last two days of the event, the founder of New Planet Cybertron weblog, as well as being a member of TransMY will be there, and he will be bringing some of you lucky visitors for a comprehensive tour of the Toy Exhibit.

The Founder of New Planet Cybertron -- MEGAPRIME -- attempting to blast Bumblebee
Be sure to look for him when you are there for the final two days of the event.

Hope to see you there, Cybertronians. Witness the history in the making.


For more information on the event, please visit the following webpages:

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