Coming Soon - Transformers 30th Anniversary Expo Malaysia 2014 in Genting Resort World

Hey yo Cybertronians and Trans-Fanatix,

In conjunction of the Transformers brand/ franchise's 30th anniversary in 2014, Target Exposition, in association of Hasbro Inc, Genting Resort World and TransFans Malaysia (TransMY) proudly brings to you the Transformers Expo Malaysia in Genting Arena of Stars.
This historical event, which touts to showcase the largest collections of Transformers figures in Malaysia, as well as the largest Transformers expo in Asia, will be held from 31st January to 16th February 2014.

There are many exciting activities await, such as taking a trip through the 3D Tunnel, exhibit of some of your favorite Transformers characters ranging from Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee, to some of the biggest figures ever produced, i.e. Fortress Maximus and more.

For more information, stay tuned on New Planet Cybertron, as we will be bringing to you the latest updates of the event, or you can even log onto

Don't miss out on this historic event, taking place in our own shores. 

.:Till All Are One:.

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