Marvel Review – Marvel Universe Abomination

           I have to admit, one of the reasons that kick-started my Marvel Universe collection was my interest in comics, in particularly the Ghost Rider and Hulk. In fact, these two are my first two Marvel Universe figures ever, i.e. the original Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider figure and the second mold Hulk, which I also made it a point to collect anything that’s related to these two characters, in this particular line.
            The Hulk is probably one of the strongest Earth creatures in the Marvel Universe, and there aren’t that many that could withstand his might, whether they are from this world or otherwise. Many have tried, and failed. Even Gods such as the Mighty Thor and Hercules failed.
            However, there are a handful of characters that have gone face-to-face with the Green Goliath and live to tell the tale. Yes, some of them actually won because of other factors or powers, but when it comes to brute strength, there are definitely not many. Silver Surfer, Thor and even Juggernaut, may at some point, with luck on their side, be able to beat the crap out of the Hulk. In fact, these characters that I have just mentioned have equal base-strength with each other.
            However, there is one character in particular that actually classified as stronger than Hulk. The Hulk has a base strength of lifting 100 tons, though as he angers, the amount of weight that he could carry is indefinable. His arch-nemesis, Abomination, is listed as having a base-strength of 150 tons!
            This means that, Abomination can actually beat the Hulk if he wants to, although he has to beat him quick, before the Hulk’s rage causes his strength to surpass Abomination’s.
            When I started collecting the Marvel Universe line, I wanted to give the Hulk the perfect sparring partner. So far, I’ve had Silver Surfer, Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Hercules and Juggernaut, which have all squared up with ol’ Jade Face before, Also, to some extent, Colossus, She-Hulk, Thanos and Rhino, all of which are either no match for the Hulk, or have not fought him officially in the comics.
            I needed Abomination. Abomination to the Hulk is what the Joker is to Batman, and Hasbro really took their time with this one. They released the character before in the Marvel Legends 6” figure line, but never in 3 ¾” scale. When Abomination was announced, I knew precisely that I have to get him.
            After a long and patient wait, finally I got him, but was the wait worth it?
            Keep on reading.
            Anyways, Abomination is released in Series 5, numbered 019. There is also a version re-colored to blue instead of green, unofficially known as A-Bomb.

            A quick look at the figure, you will easily notice that Abomination actually shares the same mold with another figure that I actually like – Rhino.
            The figure shares mostly the same body template as Rhino, with the exception of the foot and the head sculpts, as well as the paint scheme.
            Since that’s the case, I won’t waste time repeating myself concerning his articulations, which you can refer to the Rhino review for that. This time around, I will mostly talk about the things that made him different from Rhino.
Abomination and the Hulk
            First of all, the head sculpt. I absolutely love it! There is no mistaking that this is Abomination. Some newer Hulk fans may closely associate the character Abomination’s look to that of the movie version of him, but to traditional fans like yours truly, the comic’s Abomination is the best.
            The reptilian look, along with the big ears is what defined the character.
            Oh, did I mention that he is ugly as hell? Well, he is, and it’s perfect.
            The two-toed feet are kind of neat as well. Despite the odd shape, it can still provide Abomination with really good balance.
            The color scheme is perfect and the sculpt is really detailed. I actually rank this mold to be on par with the World War Hulk mold, and that is a huge compliment.
            I really enjoy pitting both Hulk and Abomination against each other, even more so since they are traditional rivals.

            I love Abomination. If you are a Hulk fan, you know as well as I do that this figure is an absolute must! The Abomination have proven to be a heavily sought after figure, with most of them being snatched off the shelf as soon as they arrive.
            I do suggest that you get him while you still can.

            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict, 9.5/10. 

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