Hong Leong Transformers Debit Card Roadshow 2013 in 1Utama - The Review

In conjunction of the launch of the new exclusive Hong Leong Transformers Debit Card when you open a savings or current account with Hong Leong Bank, Hong Leong Bank, in cooperation of Transformers Fans Malaysia Club (TransMY), organized a roadshow recently from 4th to 8th December 2013, at the Ground Floor of 1Utama shopping mall.

There were loads of fun and activities held, with a lot of prizes to be won.

There were Transformers coloring activities, as well as Transformers Dress-up for kids.

For those who registered for a new savings or current accounts, they were then eligible to participate in games that allow them to accumulate up to 5 stamps, which will then entitle them to a prize.
They can even get a free customized badge.

The highlight of the event, there was a guest appearance by the B-Boyz Rejuvenate Dance Crew, performing LIVE at the event.
The B-Boyz Rejuvenate Dance Crew

The main draw of the event was of course, the Transformers Action Figure Exhibition -- a collection of more than 300 Transformers action figures from various lines and series.

These were all some of the personal collections of various members of TransMY.
The Founder of TransMY -- Bossbot Wong
Transformation Demonstration by Tycoon Farid
Throughout the 5 days event, various members of the TransMY crew were interviewed regarding the history of the Transformers franchise/ brand, as well as various transformation demonstrations.
Vince-Inferno explaining the history of Transformers
The Writer
The event was a huge success and it definitely showed that the Transformers brand is definitely going from strength-to-strength.
Some of the TransMY Members Involved
TransMY along with some of the event organizing team
Before we end this article, we will leave you with a video demo on how to transform Fortress Maximus.

Till All Are One...



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