Marvel Review – Marvel Universe World War Hulk

            Welcome back, fellow Cybertronians. If you’ve read my earlier review of the Hulk figure, you’d probably realized it by now that that Hulk is one of my all time favorites in the entire Marvel universe line. The sheer level of details is just unbelievable for a figure of this particular scale.
            I probably should have mentioned this in my earlier review of the Hulk – the Hulk that I’ve reviewed isn’t exactly the first Hulk ever released in the Marvel Universe line. This is actually the second mold for the Hulk. In an earlier release, an earlier mold was used for the Red, Green and Grey hulk.
            Another mold was used for the Compound Hulk, i.e. Red and Green Hulk.
            The best Hulk mold, however, was released much later, and the same mold was also used as a template for earlier Hulk figure that I’ve reviewed. That figure is none other than the World War Hulk figure that I am about to review now.
            Now, this is definitely the Hulk figure that I’ve been searching all over the place for. To understand my excitement for this figure, we must first delve into the annals of The Incredible Hulk comics.
            Throughout the history of the Hulk comics, there have been so many incarnations of the character, which include those that have or have yet to manifest itself on this plane of existence. Originally, there were the Savage Hulk and the Grey Hulk. The Savage Hulk is probably the most well known incarnation of the Hulk, and also one of the strongest. At base level, this Hulk is able to lift 100 tons with ease, and due to his child-like temperament, his strength-level increased exponentially as he gets angrier.
            The Grey Hulk, though still possess “the madder he gets, the stronger he gets” mantra, he was the weakest of all the Hulk incarnations, by having a base-level of only 70 tons.
            Then we have the Professor Hulk – a version of the Hulk that retains the intelligence of Bruce Banner. While having a base level of 100 tons, his strength level doesn’t increase as rapidly as other incarnations of the Hulk since his intellect slows down his own anger rate.
            Next we have the Devil Hulk and the Guilt Hulk. While potentially these two may as well be two of the strongest Hulks ever, this has never been proven since they have yet to manifest themselves outside of Bruce Banner psyche.
            The Banner-less Hulk, which in cases where Bruce Banner have been totally isolated from the Hulk, either physically or mentally, thus taking away the failsafe that Bruce Banner subconsciously limits the full potential of the Hulk. The most memorable moments of this version of the Hulk was when Jean Grey shuts down Bruce Banner consciousness, thus leaving a totally berserk Hulk tearing apart Onslaught’s armor.
            Maestro – yet another version of Hulk, but this time, from an alternate future – is a version of the Hulk, where he actually became the dictator-ruler of future Earth.
            Horseman War Hulk is potentially the second strongest version of the Hulk ever, although many do not actually recognize this Hulk, since this Hulk was empowered by Apocalypse – the first mutant. His feats of strength include being able to stop the Unstoppable Juggernaut right in his tracks – something of which that has never been done before.
            The Red Hulk too is one of the heavy-hitter-Hulks, although he is also seldom recognized as a true Hulk, since he is not one of the many Bruce Banner’s version of the Hulk. His real persona was that of General Thunderbolt Ross.
            The strongest of all the Hulks so far, is the version of Hulk that appeared in the series Planet Hulk. After the Hulk was jettisoned into space unwittingly, by a secret society whose members include Professor X, Tony Stark, Dr. Stephen Strange, Dr. Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Namor and Black Panther – collectively known as the Illuminati, the Hulk ended up in a savage world, where he too can be hurt. Having adapted to the rough terrains and environment of that world, it made Hulk stronger, more durable and most importantly, more savage than ever before, which enabled him to literally destroy a planet with a single punch of his fist!!! This Hulk eventually reached Earth, seeking revenge on those that he believed destroyed the family and the world he had on the planet Sakaar.
Hulk and World War Hulk - The Best Hulk Mold
            This version of the Hulk, which is also the most powerful of all, is known as World War Hulk!
            Thus, in my hunt for all Class 100 characters, as well as everything Hulk, it is impeccable that I had to have this figure.
            World War Hulk is released in Series 3, numbered 003.
            Just by looking through the transparent packaging, you can literally see all the wonderful glory that this figure has to offer.
            The figure is just so darn massive!
The details on the figure are just absolutely fantastic! Everything you have ever wished for a figure this size is all there – the realistic skin texture designs; the fantastic paint applications that defined the muscles and skin tones; the marvelous head sculpt complete with rugged hairstyle, crown and a smirk that would scare anybody in their wakes; as well as other carved details, such as sandals, armor, loin cloth and wrist band.
This is really not the face of someone you wanna mess around with...
Unlike the other Hulk figure, this Hulk has actual hands meant to hold stuff instead of just fists.
Every single detail on this figure is just so incredible!!! Pun intended.
Now, I won’t be delving into the figure’s articulation, as that would be a mere repetition. You can check out its articulation review on my previous Hulk review here.

But that’s not all, there’s more!
One thing that is normally not associated with the Hulk – accessories. Hulk was never known to have any costumes (the purple pants is not considered as costume), nor did he ever required weapons or accessories in any of his (mis)adventures. This set, however, does however present us with some enticing accessories – a harness complete with a sheath, a battle axe, a long sword and a shield.
The Incredibly-detailed Battle Axe
The Sword that has seen numerous battles
Believe it or not, this is plastic!!!

Even the back of the shield has incredible details!
What makes these accessories so amazing is that they too possess the same level of details as the Hulk figure itself.
The vest complete with a sheath for the sword
A close inspection of the sword and axe reveals so many battle damages and dents, indicating that they have been in numerous battles and fights.
The shield itself is tastily designed, complete with its wooden texture and metal-like knobs on it. The Hulk cannot hold on to the shield – it just merely clips onto either one of his wrists.
From left: Colossus, Juggernaut, Psylocke, WW Hulk, She-Hulk, Hulk, Hercules
            If you have a Hulkbuster Iron Man figure or a Juggernaut figure like I do, you’d probably be tempted to reenact some of their memorable feuds and confrontations.
            As a personal opinion, I have always ranked The Unstoppable Juggernaut, The Mighty Thor and the Sentinel of the Spaceways – Silver Surfer as worthy opponents for our favorite Green Goliath.
            Overall, I just love this figure.

            Honestly, I thought my earlier Hulk figure was the best, but after I saw this figure, it doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to tell you what I think now. The level of details of this figure is just so incredible, both for the figure itself and the accessories.
            This figure is one good example why I love this toy-line so much, even better than their larger cousins such as the 6-inch figures and beyond. I would argue that these 3 ¾” figures are actually as detailed, if not more than those larger figures. Coupled with some fantastic articulations (though it may not near to the level of SH Figuarts or Hot Toys figures, but they are definitely close enough) in comparison to their price, you are really getting something well worth your money.
            Personally, I rank both World War Hulk and the earlier-reviewed Hulk figure as the best of this, and I really do think that they represent the best what this line could offer.
            World War Hulk would definitely some extra points for all of its incredibly detailed accessories.
            Fantastic figure – absolutely fantastic.

            Final verdict, 10+/10.

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