Marvel Review: Hulk (Marvel Universe)

            Hello there, fellow Cybertronians. Due to certain time and technical constraints, yours truly have been unable to post up reviews as much as I would’ve wanted to. Anyways, do not be distressed; New Planet Cybertron will always continue to bring you loads of reviews for years to come.
            This time around, we’ll be straying a bit from our traditional Transformers review and review an action figure instead – Marvel Universe HULK.
Hulk has always been one of my favorite comic characters of all time, after the Ghost Rider. Like it or not, all of us have that little Hulk inside us. It’s the suppressed emotions and anger that we keep bottled up. At some point, all of us would just love to release it, to just let go, and that is exactly what the Hulk represents.
            He throws the biggest and devastating temper tantrums ever.
            Since I already have a 4 ½ - inches Marvel Universe Ghost Rider figure years earlier, which I got from a certain eBay seller that bundled the guy up with the Marvel Crossover Ghost Rider that I bought from him, I knew I had to get a similarly-scaled Hulk. Ghost Rider and Hulk, these are two of my all time favorites (#1 and #2 respectively), and it only makes sense that I should get both of them; and the fact that I already have both of their Marvel Crossover versions even makes more sense    From the packaging, we find that this Hulk is from Series 4, number 009.

Hulk is the strongest there is!!!
            For what this figure is worth – which is about RM 40-plus – I really like the heft that this figure has. Compared to other figurines from this series, he is heavy, which is quite appropriate for a character of his stature and reputation.
Amazing details
            I may not be an expert on this type of action figures, but I do know details when I see it, and this figure is reek of it! The texture of the PVC is excellent – almost exquisite. The carvings on its entire body are just so amazing!!! The carvings of his muscles, facial expressions, pants and especially the feet are just so beautifully done!
Awesome head sculpt
            That face – reek of pure anger and rage, is just so perfect. Even to the carvings of his hairs and teeth!!!
Wonderful feet
            The feet – really big feet – are wonderfully carved. The toe digits are done beautifully. Those large feet provide Hulk with much needed stability when executing some fancy poses.

            In all, Hulk just screams toughness!!!
            The articulations – I just absolutely love it. The head is on a combination of ball and swivel joints, which provides all around motions. The head can look up and around, but nothing beats him looking down on you, with his arms open wide – that is the one creature you do not want to be looking down on you that way.
            The shoulders consists of two separate joints: the 1st joint, which is the inner joint consists of a hinge joint, and when it is combined with the 2nd joint – a swivel joint, they provide the shoulders with complete range of motions. The elbows bend, although I do wish that they were on double-joints instead; the wrist rotates. I do kinda wish that the set comes along with separate interchangeable sets of hands – I would have loved Hulk to have some opened hands to use.
Iconic Comic Book Cover Pose -- Battle of the Inhumans
            There’s also an abs-crunch joint, though it’s a little bit limited. There is waist movement. The hips are on ball joints, but due to the design, their movements are somewhat restricted. I really wished that the hips could’ve had a lot more movement range to them, which could’ve provided Hulk with much needed lover body movements. The legs rotate slightly below the hips. The knees are on double joints, which is pretty darn good. The designers were smart enough to have Hulk wearing pants that are torn at the knees, and as such, the overall outlook of the knees are still acceptable when Hulk bends his knees all the way. Finally, the feet tilt forward and backward. I just wish that the ankles would have some sideways motions, but unfortunately, they don’t.
            As you can see, the articulations are just amazing, and you will definitely have loads of fun putting Hulk is various kinds of poses. If you have other Marvel Universe figures, you will probably have even more fun putting them in head-to-head poses.
Hulk vs Ghost Rider

Hulk smash puny ghost...
Puny ghost no match for Hulk...
            Paired with the much skinnier Ghost Rider, Hulk looks very intimidating, though I doubt that Ghost Rider does have any fear going up against the green behemoth.
            For a figure of his price range, I’d say it’s an absolutely wonderful figure.
Clockwise from left: Marvel Crossover Hulk & Ghost Rider, Marvel Universe Ghost Rider and Hulk

From left: ROTF Scout-class Rollbar, Hulk, & Animated Deluxe-class Optimus Prime
            I love Hulk! The designs are close to perfect. The materials used and his overall heft made him worthy of the purchasing price tag. This is iconic Savage Hulk that has transcended to pop culture, and one that we have all come to recognize and love.
            It’s a fantastic figure, and is an absolute must for fans of the green goliath.
            And it’s worth to note that I haven’t have this much fun with an action figure since I could ever remember!!!

            Final verdict, 10/10.

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