Marvel Review – Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster Iron Man

            My quest to collect various Class 100 Strength figures has brought me to another line – the Iron Man 2 line.
            I have to admit, I’m not really much of an Iron Man fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movies, I know his comics, but I am not really a hardcore Iron Man fan. Thus, that explains why I haven’t had any Iron Man figure in my collection until now.
            We all know that Tony Stark/ Iron Man is one of the main players in the Marvel Universe, and as Iron Man, Stark is probably one of the more powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. However, when it comes to powerhouses, Iron Man doesn’t really rank that high, as such Stark has to design various types of suits to suit the situation.
            Tony Stark has always been the type that always thinks ahead of anyone else. He likes to prepare for all sorts of situations, which has led him to create various suits to go up against some of the more powerful heroes/foes in the Marvel Universe, i.e. the Thorbuster suit to battle Thor, and the Hulkbuster to battle the green behemoth. The Hulkbuster suit, in the comics, is actually one of those suits that Tony wears with a basic suit – thus this suit being a suit to enhance whatever suit that Tony is wearing.
            Like I said, I’ve always loved anything Hulk, so it was only fitting that I should get a hold of this guy. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Hulkbuster was not available in the Marvel Universe line, but was a part of the Iron Man 2 line instead. So, for this one time sake, I bought a non-Marvel Universe line figure.
            Another reason why I wanted this figure so much is the fact that this suit was featured in the World War Hulk comic, where after Black Bolt was defeated by an enraged Hulk on the moon, Hulkbuster Iron Man was the first Illuminati member to engage the Hulk on Earth. Unfortunately for those fanboys out there, this version of the Hulkbuster figure do not resemble anything like the one in the comics, but close enough.
            As mentioned before, the figure is released under the Iron Man 2 line, numbered 27.

            The first thing that you will probably notice is how similar this figure looks to Juggernaut – namely the helmet.
Just in case you don't know, Juggernaut is to the left
            I reckoned Tony probably based his designs on Juggernaut, knowing for a fact that pound-for-pound; Juggernaut is the only person on Earth capable in going toe-to-toe with ol’ Jade Jaws and be victorious.  

            Hulkbuster Iron Man is painted in his traditional red and gold paint scheme, although the red looks more like maroon, which in turn is reminiscence of Juggernaut’s colors.

            He comes with a right fist and an opened left palm. There are two shoulder flaps, which can move limitedly, although I would recommend you to be extra careful with them because they really look flimsy.

            Articulation-wise, Hulbuster has standard Marvel Universe figures articulations. His head has similar problem to that of Juggernaut’s, the fact that it has limited movements. In fact, it is actually worse because the movements seem more limited than Juggy’s. The feet rotate slightly below the hips and the so can the ankles.
            The figure is overall smaller that Hulk/ World War Hulk figure and also smaller than Juggernaut, being the shortest among the trio.
            The figure also comes with a stand and a card with 2 transparent cards. The cards can be inserted on the stand. While I would normally like stands, this stand is definitely way too small and there is no way Hulkbuster Iron Man could ever use it.

            It’s not really a good addition to the set, but it’s there.

            Well, this figure is definitely one of my most sought-after figures. The scale of this figure, though from a totally different line, is actually in-scale with all Marvel Universe figures.
            I definitely recommend this figure to any Iron Man fans, and also to those who looks to reenact the scene from World War Hulk.
            Final verdict, 9.5/10.

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