Marvel Review – Marvel Universe She-Hulk

            There has been an unspoken tradition in the Western comics – if a character is overwhelmingly popular, then the character should be expanded. Take Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel (DC) and Spiderman for instance, they all have a female version of themselves, and to some extent, even kids and pets!
            As far as Western comics goes, there have been 4 iconic characters, all of which have transcended into the annals of Pop Culture. Thus it comes as no surprise that all of them have had their female counterparts: Superman & Supergirl (and even Power Girl); Batman and Batgirl; Spiderman and 2 versions of Spiderwoman; and last, but definitely not the least, Hulk and She-Hulk.
            Yep… it was inevitable that ol’ Jade Jaws is going to get a female equivalent of himself. Luckily, the powers that be decided that rather than just simply making her a female carbon copy of Hulk, they decided to give her a bit of character, hence born Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin, given the Hulk-like powers via blood transfusion.
            What makes the character even more interesting is how the powers affect Jennifer herself! Unlike Banner, who regards his powers as a curse, and the subsequent transformation would give birth to a childlike monster who wants nothing more than just to be left alone; Jennifer literally embraces it! As the She-Hulk, Jennifer retains all her intellect and personality, although with more confidence, zest and sex appeal. She loves being green so much that she eventually remains green all the time.
            Though initially created to have a base-level strength of lifting 70-tonnesm equivalent to the Grey Hulk (Joe Fixit), She-Hulk can now be rated as a Class 100 strength character, being one of the very few female characters (if not the only character) to be regarded as such. She still retains the trademarked “the madder she gets, the stronger she gets” mantra, although at a far slower rate than that of everybody’s favorite green behemoth.
            Unlike the anti-social Hulk, She-Hulk is actually quite social, having being a part of several factions free-willingly, such as the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.
            While comic fans all around the world have long debated on who would win in a showdown between the Hulk and Superman; I always thought that She-Hulk would always win in any fist fight against DC’s Wonder Woman. Why not? Just like the Hulk, she doesn’t tire and her strength will keep on increasing as the fight prolongs, so it really is common sense.
            Oh by the way, just for the record, I’m rooting for Hulk to beat Supes.
            Being a huge fan of the Hulk, it was inevitable that I would hunt for this particular figure, but unfortunately this was one of those few figures that were really hard to come by. At some point, I had actually given up hope in finding this figure. It was by chance that led me to Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, to find the last She-Hulk figure there, and probably the entire KL as well.
            Although this She-Hulk figure would be the first female Marvel Universe figure that I will be review, she is by no means the first female character in my collection. That honor belongs to Psylocke, which I will be reviewing some time in the future.
            This figure is stated to be released under Series 4, numbered 012.

            Compared to most female action figures in the line, She-Hulk is considerably big, and almost as tall as Hercules or Colossus. That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that she is a female powerhouse.
            For a character that has long been lacking any signature costumes since the day she was created, I reckoned the designers might have had problems in deciding what costume should she be depicted wearing, and in the end, they decided on one of the recent outfits that she wore – a white bikini with purple sides.

            I have to say, She-Hulk really looks good, with absolutely fantastic body curves and shape, especially with her height, she really looks model-like. I guess that would suit the character quite well, since the Hulk-like powers didn’t only increases Jennifer Walters’s strength, durability, mobility and confidence, it even increases her sex-appeal, to a point that she actually gained reputation in having numerous relationships with various characters in the Marvel Universe.
            Anyways, while I do think that the figure looks great, along with an excellent head sculpt and great paint works, especially the hair, her gloved fists are a bit too small, in my opinion. I mean, when you compare her fists to Psylocke’s, the latter’s fists seems to be obviously bigger. That shouldn’t be the case in my opinion, since She-Hulk should be using her fists a lot.
Great Head Sculpt
            Articulation-wise, she has standard Marvel Universe figures articulations. Her head’s movements may be a bit limited due to her hairs. She has really good abs-crunch movements, which is slightly below her breasts, though no waist joint. Her feet rotate slightly below the ball-jointed hip, while the lower legs rotate slightly below the double-jointed knees/ above the boots.
            The figure comes with no accessories at all, except for a miniaturized comic cover, which is quite lame. The figure can sometimes be quite hard to pose due to her relatively small set of feet, although it’s not impossible to do so.
She-Hulk and Psylocke
            One thing to note is also her elbows. This could probably an isolated case, but the joints for her right elbow on mine seem to be wanting to pop off anytime. It hasn’t pop off on mine yet, because I’ve clamped on it earlier, but I reckoned that is only a temporary solution.
She-Hulk and Savage Hulk
            Apart from that, it’s a good figure.

            I like this figure, and I would definitely recommend this to any collectors, especially if you are a fan of She-Hulk, or anything Hulk. If fact, it is just plain cool to be able to pair her up with the Hulk (her cousin), or even with Juggernaut and Hercules, both of which she has had sex scandals with… erm…
            Anyways, I also wish she had come with a stand, as I am of the opinion that she is one of those characters that really needed it.
            Final verdict, 9/10.

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