Transformers Review: Ravage (ROTF Deluxe)

            Ravage – a character that probably needs no introduction. He is one of Soundwave’s most competent minions, and is absolutely trusted by Megatron. A bot with no words, do not let his constant growling fool you – he is probably one of the Decepticon’s most adept warriors.
            His ability in stealth makes him perfect for spying missions; often manage to successfully complete his missions.
            When the character Soundwave was first announced for the Revenge of the Fallen, fans have speculated on his minion(s). It could’ve been Laserbeak, Ravage or both, as so, in the end, Ravage it was.
            Ravage was portrayed as a cunning and deadly beast bot that is not easy to be defeated. Though the character didn’t actually transform in the movie, the figure itself is transformable.
            So without further ado, let’s get on with the reviews.

Alternate Mode:
            Honestly, I have no idea what this mode is. According to what’s stated on the box, this is supposed to be the Re-entry Mode, whatever that is. As far as I am concerned, he looks like some Cybertronian Spacecraft.
            It isn’t exactly an appealing mode, if you ask me. It’s literally having the entire robot mode folded up into something. The kibbles are everywhere and it’s quite messy at best.
            All robot parts are not hidden at all!
            I reckoned few people will actually dig this alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            This mode is where this figure truly shines – it’s literally the mode that we get to see in the movie itself.
            The head sculpt, which comes with molded teeth, is reminiscent of a Cyclops Beast. The eyes are made from purple light piping, which isn’t exactly effective. The purple color used is just too dark.
            There are also numerous spikes protruding out all over his body. The spikes on his back are made from soft rubber, which a portion of them looking like backbones. The rest of his spikes are focused on the back of his hips and tail.
            I can also imagine Ravage using the tip of his tail as a weapon, especially with those 3 extra protrusions.
            Ravage is also armed with a pair of hip-mounted guns, which cannot be wielded otherwise.
            Articulation-wise: the lower jaw opens and closes; the shoulders are on a combination of ball joints and hinges; the elbows rotate and bend; the hips are on ball joints, and there are also 2-knee joints on each leg; the tail moves up and down; and finally, all feet hinges.
ROTF Soundwave & Ravage
            You can really put Ravage into a whole lot of different poses, and he will excites you.
            Ravage also comes with the Mech-Alive gimmick, especially when you rotate the front legs at the elbow. There is also a dial at the back of the robot that when you press it, the head would protrude out.
            Overall, he has an interesting robot mode.

            Ravage is a mixed baggage. You might dig him in his beast mode, but as far as his alternate mode goes, chances are you ain’t gonna like it. I would probably recommend this figure for its robot mode, but definitely not for his beast mode.          

            Final verdict: 7/10

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