Transformers Review: Hound (Classic Deluxe)

            Hound – the Autobot’s most trusted scout and recon officer – was one of those memorable characters that has his very own awesome unique ability, but for one reason or another, did not receive enough screen time that he deserved.
            He played an important part throughout the pre-1986 movie, such as being involved in the creation of Dinobots etc, but his role was gradually reduced in place of more high profile characters.
            I never had G1 Hound before – never had the chance to get him. So when, Hasbro announced that they were going to release a Hound figure under the Classic line in 2008, I knew that I just had to get him.
            Oddly though, Classic Hound also comes with G1 cassette Ravage. Yep, you heard right – a fully transformable G1 Ravage. It is kind of awkward to have Hound packaged with Ravage, because I really do not see the connections here.
            They aren’t even rivals.
            Anyways, let’s get down to business.

Alternate Mode:
            True to his G1 characteristics, Hound transforms into a military jeep-esque vehicle.
            He has virtually all the characteristics of his G1 self, from the green paintjob, all the way up to Hound’s hologram gun, which is mounted on top of the jeep.
            I really like the detailing of the figure, especially with the designers for the detailed interior designs.
            The kibbles are very minimal and are well hidden, even below the truck. I think the designers really gave this guy a good thought during designing stage.
            I love the jeep mode.
            My only complaints for this mode, although minimal, are the front wheels for wiggling directionless. Yes, you can probably manually angle both wheels in order to position them at a turning-position etc, but in most cases, the front wheels will be pointing at any directions they so well choose.

Robot Mode:
            I really like how the overall figure looks like.
            The head sculpt itself is fantastic, complete with blue light-piping; the colors and every single detail on this bot – it is unmistakably Hound.
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball joint, as well as the shoulders; the inner shoulders swings; the elbows bend; there is also a waist joint; the hips are on ball joints; the knees bend; the feet itself tilt forward; while the soles of the feet tilt inward, which means you can really put Hound into a variety of stance.
            While the figure may look good, he’s far from perfect. The ball-jointed hips are a bit too loose for my liking. It is fairly easy for Hound to do splits when you really don’t want him to.
            The Hologram Gun, while it can be wielded by hand, can also be mounted onto the shoulders via friction, but unfortunately, there is not enough friction to keep the gun in place and are prone to dropping.
            You can really put him into a variety of poses, which is absolutely fantastic.

            Yep, Hound does come with a fully-transformable Ravage figure. I have no idea why Ravage is included, but he’s there.
            Ravage of course transforms into a black-color cassette deck-inspired thingy. I said, cassette-inspired cuz he doesn’t look like a cassette to me, that’s for sure.
Ravage and Steeljaw
            Anyways, if you happen to have G1 Soundwave, you could fit Ravage into him nicely.
            Transforming Ravage from cassette mode to jaguar mode is fairly easy. I kinda like the small dude. His articulations are quite okay. The head moves up and down; all legs swing back and forth; the hind legs also swing back and forth at the hip area; and finally, the tail swings up and down.
            I like the head sculpt, and Ravage looks really menacing.

            I like Hound and Ravage, despite the fact that they have been awkwardly paired together. I think they are both cool and worthy of any collections.

            Final verdict:
8.5/10 (Hound)
            7.5/10 (Ravage)
            8/10 (Set)        

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