The Family – Top 20 "Family" Members - Part 4 of 4 - Number 5 to 1

            So this is it, boys and girls – the homerun; the countdown from number 5 all the way down to 6. We have had some of the biggest name in the franchise already occupying number 20 slot all the way down to 6, and there are just 5 more to go.
            So buckle up your seatbelts and prepare to hop on the ride of your life.

Number 5 – G1 Sixshot
            For long time fans of the Transformers franchise, the inclusion of this particular figure in the Top 5 is probably undeniable. The only question that might arise, is the fact that shouldn’t this figure be higher in the list?
            Despite having the figure appearing only briefly in the original G1 series – appearing in the first part of the 3-parter “The Rebirth” – by defeating all five members of the Aerialbots singlehandedly, it was enough to give him cult status. 
            Sixshot was subsequently given a more significant role (and definitely more screen time) in the first Japanese G1-related series called the Headmasters. He was a Decepticon ninja with a strict sense of honor (a rarity amongst the Decepticons ranks), who’s most significant act was the murder of Autobot City Commander Ultra Magnus. By the end of the series, it was implied that he had left the Decepticons’ cause and became a free agent.
            In the subsequent Masterforce series, another character by the name of Greatshot – heavily inspired by Sixshot, albeit different color scheme – appeared, and this time, under the Autobots banner.
            He was also one of the only Transformers known to have an offspring (don’t ask me how they reproduce) – Quickswitch. 
            As a kid, Sixshot was one of those characters/ figures that I really wanted. Here is a figure that can transform into 6 different modes, plus 1 more bonus mode, which is pretty darn amazing! Designing a robot with one alternate mode is probably difficult enough already, imagine designing a six-changer?! That must be a nightmare!
            Capitalizing on the six-changer gimmick, HasTak actually issued a challenge to anyone to try transforming Sixshot without referring to the sealed instructions. 
            Sixshot has always been one of those Holy Grail-level figures on my list. Having wanted to own this figure for more than 20-years, I jumped at the first opportunity to get him, and I haven’t been disappointed. This probably one of the most fun Transformers figures in history!

Number 4 – God Ginrai (Super Ginrai & Godbomber)
            Current Transformers fans are probably familiar with the concept of Optimus Prime being able to combine with his trailer, as portrayed in various Transformers reincarnations. 
            That idea, however, originated from this piece right here – Super Ginrai (a.k.a. Powermaster Optimus Prime in the English-speaking world). According to various English fictions, Powermaster Optimus Prime is actually Optimus in a whole new body, partnered with a binary partner named Hi-Q. 
            In Japanese fiction however, Ginrai is a totally different character from Optimus. Ginrai was actually the name of the human, who stumbled upon an Optimus-inspired truck that contained a pair of bracelets that happens to be able to transform, with the robot mode having an-eerie resemblance with the legendary Autobot Commander. 
            Combined with his trailer – thereafter named Super Ginrai – he is deliciously big and heavily-armed. He is a brick, but what makes this set fun is the playability factor, which normally translates to the figure having some sort of a base mode.
            To make things more fun, Takara actually went on to design Godbomber (a.k.a. Apex Bomber in the English-speaking world), who has the ability to combine with Super Ginrai. There are actually 2 versions of Godbomber – the first, being able to actually transform; while the second one is literally a puzzle-former (totally disassemble and reassemble). The one I got is the second version. 
            The combined super mode – also known as God Ginrai, is truly a sight to behold. He is big and blocky.
            I had wanted this set for ages, and I was pretty darn ecstatic when I finally stumbled upon him 2 years ago, and has since become one of the prized-pieces in “The Family”.

Number 3 – Universe Unicron
            Unicron – one of the most feared name in Transformers lore. He is undoubtedly a nightmare to any inhabited world.
            Maybe it’s just me, but Unicron always reminds me of Galactus, and vice versa. They are both so similar to one another in terms of characterization and portrayal. Both are regarded as Gods in their respective universes. Both have their very own heralds, mostly not by choice (Unicron has Galvatron, while Galactus has Silver Surfer). Most importantly, they both eat worlds for lunch. 
            Unicron has been every kid’s dream since he was first portrayed in the 1986 movie. The late Orson Welles portrayed the character brilliantly and made him pretty darn memorable.
            This was a figure that took 17 years to release. Plans were made to release Unicron figures on the aftermath of the film, but the designing of the figures were easier said than done. The various prototypes that we got were definitely and horrendously hideous at best! 
            It was only during the Armada/ Micron Legend series run that Unicron finally came to a reality. It was clearly inspired by the movie’s designs, albeit the difference in color. Since then, there has been several re-releases, as well as retooling of the figure, i.e. for the Energon/ Superlink series, Universe and Transformers 2010. The character also received several makeovers, particularly for the Cybertron and Prime toy lines, where the character actually received new bodies.
            The original Unicron figure itself is massive and has the distinction for being the second biggest Transformers figure ever released after Fortress Maximus.
            The version that I have – from the Universe line, is heavily inspired by the 1986 Movie depiction. Articulations are quite good, considering the massiveness of the figures.
            Unicron is literally gimmick-ridden. There are numerous Minicon ports available all over the figure. The eyes and right hand can light up when certain buttons are pushed. There are also various spring-loaded firing mechanisms all over the figure.
            He also comes with a Minicon minion named Dead End. When you think about it, this is actually an enigma. Scale-wise, Dead End shouldn’t even be a Minicon. Size-wise, he would be even bigger than Fortress Maximus or Metroplex!
            So yeah, personally, I don’t think he should have a Minicon partner in the first place.
            For fans who have watched the 1986 Movie, this figure is definitely a must. And since the character is a multiverse-singularity, it is almost his divine right for him to be in your collection, as the ultimate Chaos Bringer.

Number 2 – Cybertron Primus
            From the Chaos Bringer, we move on to the Lord of the Light himself – Primus, who also happens to be the creator of the Transformers race in general. An apt alternate mode for the Father of all Transformers, he transforms into the planet Cybertron itself! 
            After the events of the 1986 movie, after seeing Unicron transforms from his planet mode to robot mode, many fans all over the world wondered what it would be like if Cybertron itself could transform. It was indeed plausible due to the mechanical and inorganic nature of the entire planet itself.
            You have no idea how many times that I wished Cybertron could’ve transform and beat the living daylights out of Unicron, and I bet I ain’t the only one.
            My wish has finally come true thanks to the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force series. When I first saw planet Cybertron transforms, my excitement was akin that of watching Unicron transforms for the first time in 1986.
            The Cybertron Primus figure itself, though not as big as his counterpart – Unicron (in fact, he is even shorter than the Metroplex figure from the same series!), he is probably the most-detailed designed figure of all time.
            The numerous city blocks are individually designed and none of them are identical. Fans of the comics would probably recognize some of the landmarks depicted on the surface of Cybertron, most notably Kaon – the Decepticons’ capitol. 
            Despite being a Creator God, Primus is armed to the teeth and I reckoned he can really pummel Unicron to pulp if he wants to.
            My most favorite part of the figure would probably be the hands and fingers. In my humble opinion, those are probably the best-designed hands in the entire Transformers franchise! You can do lotsa hands expressions with them fingers – use your imaginations.
            He also comes with a Cyber Planet key and the Omega Lock. 
            Primus is billed as a Triple Changer, although I would like to really contest the justification for the Battle Mode.
            Anyways, this is definitely a cool figure to have, not just for the fact that he is THE God of the Transformers race, but the fact that this is the planet Cybertron itself – their home world!
            I am most happy with this set, and what makes it even sweeter for me, is that the version I got was the one that comes with a severed Unicron’s head. 
            I love Primus.

So, this is it, boys and girls, children of all ages, here we are we finally come to the number 1 spot. With a lot of other big names have been mentioned earlier, who else could top all of them. Before we reveal to you the answer, here’s a recap from number 20 to 2:

20. Reveal the Shield Jazz
19. Cybertron Vector Prime
18. United Warpath
17. Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar
16. Alternators Ravage
15. Seacons
14. Perfect Effect Scouting Force X (Reflector)
13. Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy
12. Encore G1 Omega Supreme
11. Cybertron Metroplex
10. Encore G1 Metroplex
9.   Encore G1 Megatron
8.   Music Label Soundwave + Frenzy/Rumble
7.   ROTF Optimus Prime + Jetfire Combo
6.   Transformers 2010 Predaking
5.   G1 Sixshot
4.   God Ginrai (Super Ginrai and Godbomber)
3.   Universe Unicron
2.   Cybertron Primus

So without further ado… at the number one spot for the Top 20 “Family” members goes to… drum rolls please…

Number 1 – MP-01L Masterpiece Optimus Prime (Last Shot)
            Yep, you heard it right – the winner is none other than MP-01L Masterpiece Optimus Prime (Last Shot).
            When Takara-Tomy first announced the newly released Masterpiece, they really wanted to make this line perfect. Alas, they came out with Optimus Prime. It was the perfect Optimus Prime ever, which somehow I didn’t go out to get.
            I however did end up with the Hasbro’s version, i.e. the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (DVD Edition). I like that version too, but the colors somehow seem just a little bit dull. 
            Then, thanks to some influential persuasion from a friend of mine, i.e. Big Daddy V, I ended up whacking the Last Shot version, which will be the last time this particular mold will ever be used after so many repaints, retooling and re-releases. 
            The MP-10 version of Optimus was meant as an improvement, but personally, I still prefer MP-01. He is big, heavy, extremely articulated, as well as a very involving transformations – he was perfect. 
           It really managed to capture the feel and look of the original G1 character from the cartoon, as well as comics. 
            For long time fans such as me, this is THE Optimus Prime. Newer generations of fans may relate Optimus Prime to his movie designs, but to people like me, there’s nothing like G1. 
            Takara-Tomy really did very well with the die-cast composition of this figure: it has got heft, but not at the expense of its pose-ability etc – something that the Titanium series failed at.
            The overall look of the figure is just awesome. Optimus looks regal and commanding, worthy of a legendary Autobot leader. While he may not be as big as the other big guys in my collection, along with my Primus and Unicron, he has such a presence in my “Family”.
            This is the one figure that any collectors should have – as a trophy piece in your collections.

            There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages – the Top 20 Transformers figures in my collection, a.k.a. Family. I hope that you Cybertronians had fun while reading this, as much as I enjoyed making it.
            Now that you know the Top 20 figures in my collection, do tell me yours. Share it on the COMMENTS below, FACEBOOK it or BLOG about it, and share your link down here for all of us to enjoy and admire.
            Until next time, my fellow Cybertronians…


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