Transformers Review: Red Alert (Generations Deluxe)

            To be honest with you, I’m not really a fan of Red Alert. Why on Earth I bought this figure, even I don’t know or remember when, but somehow I got him in my family.
            Back in the original G1 series, he’s normally teamed up with Inferno as part of the Security/ Rescue Team. He wasn’t an Animated Series regular, only receiving prominent screen time in the episode “Auto-Berserk, when he went totally cuckoo.
            After that episode, I can’t remember seeing him anywhere in any subsequent episodes.
            Now since I once did a review on Henkei Sideswipe before some time ago (click here for the review), I’ll try not to be redundant here, as I will try to only focus on the differences here.

Alternate Mode:
            Generations Red Alert is obviously a remold of Classics Sideswipe, but with a totally different paint scheme. 
            Transforming into a sports car-themed Fire Rescue vehicle, that looks like a Lamborghini, the entire figure looks and feels solid. 
            The overall red and white paint scheme works well for this figure, especially with the logo on the hood. Unlike the Henkei Sideswipe, the spoilers and exhaust are not colored in chrome – just your regular piece of molded plastic. 
            At the back, it says “05 ALERT”. 
            Overall, it’s a neat car mode.

Robot Mode:
            Well, he’s the exact duplicate of Sideswipe, so there’s no point in repeating the articulations and other existing features.
            Red Alert obviously has more colors to him than Sideswipe. His gun also has another attachment to make it look more bulky than Sideswipe’s. Unfortunately though, the attachment doesn’t lock it that well, and as such, tends to fall off easily.
            Overall, the robot mode is kinda neat.

            I have to say, Red Alert is a neat little figure. I like Sideswipe and I like this guy too. For those who already have Sideswipe in their collection, you’d probably want to skip Red Alert. But those who don’t, you’d probably wanna look this guy up.
            There’s essentially nothing to differentiate Sideswipe and Red Alert other than its color scheme.


            Final verdict: 8.5/10.

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