The Family – Top 20 "Family" Members - Part 3 of 4 - Number 10 to 6

            Welcome back folks, to the Top 20 Countdown of the best figures in my “Family”. Today, we will countdown from number 10 all the way down to 6. In order to check out who's on number 20 to 16, click (here); for number 15 to 11, click (here).

Number 10 – Encore G1 Metroplex
G1 Metroplex with all of his minions
            At number 11, we had Cybertron Metroplex, and here at number 10, we reserve one of the elusive Top 10 slot to his predecessor, the original G1 Metroplex.
            G1 Metroplex was one of the original big guys, back in the days. In fiction, he was one of the largest Transformers ever (regardless what some people may say about Fortress Maximus), which he literally transforms into a city. Originally appeared in the 1986 movie in a non-transforming role as the heavily-bombarded Autobot City, he first appeared in transforming role at the start of Season 3, during the events of “Five Faces of Darkness”.
City Mode
            Metroplex is capable of transforming into a battle station mode (i.e. a colossal tank), as well as a base mode (a.k.a. City Mode). He also has 3 smaller components: Six-Gun, who is formed from all the guns and towers of the set; Slammer – a smaller non-transformable tank, which is also one of the base mode’s towers; and Scamper – a small black-colored car that vaguely looks like Sideswipe. 
Battle Mode
            The Base Mode is very neat and it is literally a small play-set on his own. If you have more Minibots with you, you will probably have a blast with this figure. If you have his counterpart – Trypticon – then probably you’ll feel absolutely complete.
            Yes, although he is a brick by any standard, his playability alone will win you over. He is massive, bulky and full of gimmicks and surprises, he definitely deserves this number 10 spot on his list.

Number 9 – Encore G1 Megatron
            Oh yes, the legendary Walther P38 gun. What more can you say about this legendary Decepticon Emperor of Destruction to vindicate his spot at number 9 on this Top 20 list? 
            To many kids that grew up in the 80’s, this was one of the most highly sought-after toys ever. He was gun that literally shoots gun pallets! Pardon me, fans from the US of A, you guys didn’t have that version, did you? For me personally, I had my dad bought me a cheap non-transformable toy gun, and I pretended all day long that he was Megatron. It took me almost 2 decades for me to finally get the chance to actually own him, thanks to the Encore line.
            To the many fans of the franchise, especially those who grew up watching the original G1 series in the 80’s, Megatron will always be the gun. Yes, it’s probably very lame as compared to much of his later reincarnations’ alternate modes, i.e. tanks, jets, race cars etc, but there’s just something about that gun that makes him so memorable. 
            Just like his opposite number – Optimus Prime – whose trailer always did a disappearing act during transformation, Megatron’s armrest and silencer too disappears into thin air during transformations.
            Yes, the robot mode sucks, but the fun factor of this set far outweighs anything else.
            I am absolutely glad that I have him in my collection – definitely a childhood dream comes true.

Number 8 – Music Label Soundwave & Frenzy/Rumble
            Back in the days, just like everyone else, I had always wondered how would it be like if we get to have a real functioning Transformers figure? Wouldn’t it be cool to have an actual Blaster that plays music; a Soundwave that really records; and a Megatron that really shoots, albeit with fake bullets.
            The Music & Device Label was meant to fulfill that dream, and the first figures in the line – Soundwave and Frenzy/Rumble. While some may argue that Soundwave and Frenzy/Rumble are separate sets, I am actually of the opinion that they should be in one. The Frenzy/Rumble figures, transforming into a pair of earphones, were meant to be used together with the MP3 player that is Soundwave, regardless what some people may say.
            To have a Soundwave that actually plays music is pretty damn cool. Soundwave can support up to 2GB of memory card, although officially, he is stated to be able to use a 1GB card.
            The only downside of this figure that I can think of is that he doesn’t come together with any of his traditional Cassettebots, i.e. Ravage or Laserbeak. 
            Still, he is worth every penny and I have to admit, he is the only Transformer figure that I’ll bring with me whenever I’m away from home for a few days, just because I love listening to music.

Number 7 – Revenge of the Fallen Leader-class Optimus Prime & Jetfire
            Surprisingly, this will be the one and only Bay-verse Transformers, who made it to this Top 10 list. Originally sold separately, later reissues would have both of them selling in a combo-pack.
            Individually, this Optimus Prime figure is probably one of the best Optimus Prime figure ever made. The points of articulations are fantastic and the overall look is just amazing.
            Jetfire is a cool figure too. His character depiction in the movie, although kind of brief, is rather cool. Being a former Decepticon, who defected to the Autobots’ cause, as well as being an old and grumpy bot is just an icing to an already awesome figure.
            However, Jetfire on his own may not appeal to some fans, but together with Optimus Prime, they are ideal partners. Just like any teams of dynamic duos, Jetfire and Optimus complement each other in every single way. 
            As depicted in the movie, Jetfire is able to combine with Optimus Prime, and the combined mode just look absolutely fantastic. 16-inches from wingtip to wingtip; standing at almost 13-inches tall and with the thickness of about 5-inches, he is just absolutely and deliciously massive and heavy! These were definitely the good old days when there was still some heft in our action figures.
            This combined mode would remain as one of the biggest Optimus Prime-related figures ever made until the release of the Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime figure.

Number 6 – Transformers 2010 Predaking
            The Predacons – one of my favorite special teams; in turn spawning one of my most favorite gestalts of all time – Predaking. In various fiction, Predaking was depicted as the best gestalt of the G1 era. It was a machine that was designed solely to hunt and destroy. It is a creature that relies heavily on its killer instinct, and as such it turned him into a perfect warrior. 
            Unlike most gestalt teams back in the days, all five Predacons were of the same sizes. There are made partially from die-cast, so they are incredibly heavy.
            The combined mode is just massive and heavy! Standing at about 10-inches tall, he is probably one of the best gestalts of all time. 
            I sometimes imagine that the moulds, if they weren’t used for the Transformers franchise in the first place, could have ended up as one of the robots for Power Rangers/ Super Sentai series. I can see these guys being a perfect Zord substitute for Power Rangers: Wild Force.
            Anyways, Predaking, being one of my Holy Grail-level figures, is definitely one of the must-haves in your collections.

            There we go, number 10 to 5. So far, we have probably mentioned some of the best figures ever made, but we still have 5 more slots to fill. You’re probably asking, what else can be more worthy to occupy the Top 5 slots?
            Well, stay tuned to the upcoming Part 4 or 4 soon, and we will have all your questions answered.

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