The Family – Top 20 "Family" Members - Part 2 of 4 - Number 15 to 11

            Welcome back folks, to the Top 20 Countdown of the best figures in my “Family". Today, we will countdown from number 15 all the way down to 11. In order to check out who's on number 20 to 16, click (here).

Number 15 – Seacons
            This is the first gestalt to be featured in this list. Personally, I think this is one of the best gestalts ever, mainly due to its gimmicks.
            Apart from being able to combine and form the mighty robot Piranacon, this set also demonstrate one of the earlier gimmicks back in the 80’s, circa 1987 – the Targetmasters. What makes this set unique is that apart from Snaptrap, who forms the main torso of the larger robot, the remaining 5 robots can become any limbs of the larger robot as well as a weapon to be wielded. 
            So the variety of combinations is really up to your imagination. This is clearly an improvement on the Scramble City gimmick previously introduced by the Japanese, with the Targetmaster gimmick beings added into the mix.
            So technically, apart from Snaptrap, each and every single Seacon members are triple-changers. 
            Yes, I have to admit, that the alternate modes are far from realistic, but the series from which the Seacons came from generally market their products as having futuristic or monster-based alternate mode. So in that sense, I guess the Seacons did brilliantly.

Number 14 – Perfect Effect Scouting Force X (Reflector)
            The team of Scouting Force X, or better known among the Trans-verse as Reflector is the only Third Party Transformers action figures to have made it to this list. Another contender was the Warbot Defender (a.k.a. Springer) from FansProject, but in the end, Scouting Force X just nails it with its amazing engineering. 
            The original Reflector figure is among the rarest Transformers figures out there, due to the fact that it was never sold in the open market, but instead was available as coupon redemption figures.
            So for most collectors, including yours truly, jumped at the first chance to get the Scouting Force X when it was first released. 
            Despite being so small, each of these figures is so articulated and they are even considered better than most other bigger Hasbro or Takara-Tomy releases. The alternate mode itself is very realistic – if only it was a little bigger to mimic the size of an actual camera.
            Another plus point for this set is its innate ability to store all of its accessories, which is another engineering marvel on the part of the designers.
            Truly – good things come in small packages.

Number 13 – Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy
            Optimus Prime or Convoy (whichever name you prefer) is the name most synonymous with the Transformers franchise in general, and in almost every single Transformers toy line, Optimus Prime is destined to be the best of that line. The same can be applied to the Galaxy Force/ Cybertron series too.
            After the Car Robots/ Robots in Disguise series ended, there were yet demands for really good Optimus Primes figures. HasTak subsequently introduced two more series: Armada/ Micron Legends & Energon/ Superlink. Their versions of Optimus Primes, in my opinion was less than stellar, especially the latter, which received a lot of flak from the TransFans community, whom has given him the unsavory nickname – Fatimus Prime. Personally, I really like that figure and its gimmicks, but I have to admit, the core Optimus Prime figure may look a bit – unconventional.
            Anyways, Galaxy Convoy was indeed a breath of fresh air. Continuing the same combining gimmicks that were predominant in Armada/Micron Legend and Energon/ Superlink, there’s definitely no lack in playability with this figure. 
            The core figure itself looks great and combined trailer mode just looks astounding, although there may be a lack of realistic disguise for the alternate mode. Anyways folks, that’s not all, Galaxy Convoy/ Optimus can even combine with two other figures, i.e. Leobreaker (Ligerjack in Japan) & Wing Saber (Sonic Bomber in Japan) to form Savage Claw Mode (Liger Convoy in Japanese) & Wing Optimus (Sonic Convoy) respectively. 
Liger Convoy
           The combination modes really look awesome and there is little to suggest that these were planned at the last minute. With the inclusion of the battle station mode (which does somehow look like a last minute addition though) I can imagine kids having lots of fun with this figure, especially if they have both Sonic Bomber and Ligerjack as well. 
Sonic Convoy
            Definitely deserve a place in any collection.

Number 12 – Encore G1 Omega Supreme
            This is it, boys and girls, the original play set from the Transformers line. Everything about this figure screams fun and playability. Combined with a fantastic character portrayal in the original 1984 cartoon series, Omega Supreme was an instant success. He is a gigantic robot that transforms in a huge play set that included a rocket, a launch station with tank tracks and of course, a tank – he is a natural winner.
            If that wasn’t enough, he is even battery operated. In base mode, the tank to roll on the tank tracks with the tank turrets revolving and lighting up; while in robot mode, the mighty robot itself will walk at a steady space.
            This set has got everything – what more can you ask for?!
            The Omega Supreme figure – originally designed by ToyBox, which is the same company that designed Sky Lynx – was different from most other Transformers figures of its time. Instead of a fully-transformable figure, Omega was a puzzle-former – you’d literally need to disassemble before reassembling him. To me, that even adds to the fun factor of this set!
            While there has been another more-articulated Omega Supreme figure released in the Energon/ Superlink line, this G1 version still deserve a place on my Top 20 list.

Number 11 – Cybertron Metroplex
            Also named as Megalo Convoy in the Galaxy Force series, he is one of the 5 Planet leaders to be featured in the Cybertron series, i.e. Evac (Live Convoy) from Earth; Override (Nitro Convoy) from Velocitron (Speedia); Scourge (Flame Convoy) from Jungle Planet (Animatros); and Optimus Prime (Galaxy Convoy) from Cybertron. He is the leader of the Giant Planet (Gigalonia), or a race of construction-based robots, as well as the Minicons.
            Metroplex has been one of the most elusive figures in these parts of the world and there has been a constant demand for this figure here.
            Even his figure is classified as a Leader-class figure; Metroplex can actually extend his size to the height of a Supreme-class figure (he has two robot modes – his normal robot mode and his smaller, yet stouter Work Mode), even though that is at the expense of his bulk. In fact, he is even taller than the Primus figure!
            Yes, his construction vehicle mode may be a bit lame – definitely ain’t no disguise there – he is superbly-articulated for a figure his size.
            Metroplex also comes with a Minicon called Drillbit and his own signature weapon – an axe named Sparkdrinker. How cool is that?!
            Various fan sites on the web also depicts Metroplex being able to transform into City Mode, just like his G1 namesake (and even a spacecraft mode!).
            This figure is just so darn fun, and due to its rarity, he is definitely a good investment piece. The current value of the figure, fully minted, can go up to RM700 – 800 – not bad for a figure that originally cost RM180 back in 2006.

So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the end of Part 2 of 4 – the Top 20 countdown of the members of “The Family” from number 15 to 11.
            If you think Part 2 was impressive, wait till you get a load of Part 3, where I guarantee that you will find some of your all time favorites in this list as we slowly countdown to number 1.
            So stay tuned…

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