Transformers Review – War Within Optimus Prime (Titanium)

            War-Within Optimus Prime, or WWOP for short, would prove to be the first ever War-Within character to be immortalized as an action figure. The powers-that-be decided to give Optimus Prime a whole new origin story that overwhelmingly differed from the original animated series.
This time around, prior to becoming a leader, instead of being a naïve warehouse boy named Orion Pax, he was known as Optronix – a small-time librarian, whom felt that he was an unworthy leader being thrust into position (Rodimus Prime anyone?).  
            Origin-aside, let’s see how well the execution of the actual actions figure is.

Alternate Mode:
Inspired by the War-Within comics scribed by the legendary Simon Furman, WWOP has, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best alternate modes of the entire series.
This time around, Prime transforms into a futuristic truck cab. Still maintaining his traditional colors, he is recognizably Optimus Prime, even down to his trademarked transformation, and of course, no trailer available. 
His iconic ion blaster in robot mode is plugged to the back of the truck, which to be honest, looked kinda awkward and out of place. At times, the wheels don’t turn smoothly as I would’ve liked either.
One of the things that I’ve also noticed is easily paint chips can occur. As such, as with most Titanium series transformation, frequent transformations aren’t really encouraged.  
WWOP is one of those figures which are okay at best. It is not stellar, but just okay.

Robot Mode:
            Again I would say Optimus would probably go on the record as having one of the best robot modes in the entire line, along with War-Within Megatron. 
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates; the shoulders rotates; the arms hinge slightly above the bendable shoulders; the legs rotate right below the ball-jointed hips; and finally, bendable knees. 
It looks good, and its articulations are quite good, although its own weight kinda hinders you from executing some fancy poses.
It’s worth to mention that the head articulation is limited in the sense that it’s very tight. 

WWOP is literally one of the better figures of this entire line and I would rank him as being one of the best in the line.
The downside is that the shoddy die-cast finishing, as well as frequent transformations may cause the paints to chip.
In the end, I still think that this is a good figure.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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