Transformers Review: Optimus Prime (FOC Deluxe)

            In the War for Cybertron video game, we were first introduced to the pre-Earth G1 Optimus Prime and how he looks like. To be honest, I absolutely love the WFC Optimus Prime and whatever attempt to upgrade HIM from there, I reckoned it would take a massive attempt to do so. 
            Alas, fast forward 2 years after, the sequel to War For Cybertron – Fall of Cybertron is released, and with it, a new mold for Optimus Prime.

Alternate Mode:
            Optimus transforms into a rather diminutive Cybertronian truck, with glimpses of the original Generations War for Cybertron Optimus Prime.
            The most obvious differences between them is how the previous figure seems very smooth and curvy, while this new version is a bit more angular in terms of designs.
            Another obvious difference is how he’s overwhelmingly small as compared to his predecessor.
           The kibbles are quite obvious, especially with the exposed hands and humongous gap at the back of the truck. 
            Although I’m not a big of “Cybertronian” whatever, I do think that this figure is kinda cool.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is kinda small, as with most post-Generations/ Reveal the Shield/ Hunt for the Decepticons. The size may have shrunken, but unfortunately that do not translate into cash price, which continues to escalate.

            The designs of the arms are kinda strange, especially with the huge cavity on the forearms. Comparing to Generation WFC Optimus, the shoulders are a bit taller and buffer, as if he’s been working out much.
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball-joint; the shoulders and hips are on ball-joints as well; the elbows bend and rotate; the waist rotates; the knees bend, as if they were double-jointed; and finally, the ankles are ball-jointed.
            The amount of poses that this figure could do is absolutely amazing, almost on par with his Generations predecessor.
            This is a pretty darn good action figure, by all means. My only complaint about this figure is how small it is compared to his earlier version. I also wish that the finishing of the truck mode could be just a little bit smoother.
            So far, the first three releases in the FoC line have been quite promising, and I am looking forward to more to come, especially the upcoming FoC Bruticus. Yummeh…
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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