Transformers Review: Jazz (FOC Deluxe)

            Jazz is one of the 3 figures first released in the Fall of Cybertron line. So far, Shockwave have been a pretty decent figure, and after his excellent recent run in the Reveal the Shield series, Jazz has a lot to live up to. 
            Jazz, although not as iconic a character as Optimus, Megatron, Starscream or Soundwave, he is an important character in his own right nonetheless. Being the Autobot’s Special Ops Officer, he is definitely a valuable member of the team.
Alternate Mode:
            Jazz transforms into a Cybertronian racer, equipped with his trusty gun, mounted on the roof of the car. 
            The car is pretty detailed enough, although the kibbles are quite bad, especially with the exposed hands at the back of the car. 
            Just like most Cybertronian car modes, there’s no obvious cockpit, only mere suggestive patterns. Well, I guess they don’t really need any drivers back in Cybertronian.
From left: Reveal the Shield Jazz and FoC Jazz
            Overall, decent car mode, though not spectacular.

Robot Mode:
            One thing you will instantly notice is that he is small. When compared next to Reveal the Shield Jazz, he looks rather diminutive. 
            The figure, however managed to capture the overall look of the character, and he is definitely unmistakably Jazz.
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball joint, although its movements can be severely hindered by the things around the head; shoulders, wrists and hips are on ball joints as well; the elbows and the knees consist of ratcheting joints; the arms rotate slightly above the elbows; finally, the ankles tilt. 
            Overall, Jazz does possess a decent amount of movements and articulations. 
From left: Reveal the Shield Jazz and FoC Jazz
Jazz is quite a decent figure, although not that spectacular.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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