Transformers Review –Blurr (Generations Deluxe)

            I’ve to admit—I’ve never had Blurr. Despite the fact that his character had a respectable amount of screen time during the events of Transformers: The Movie (1986), it was one of the characters that I didn’t have a figure on – in whatever continuity.
            The closest to a Blurr that I had was a Knockoff version of the Armada character. This version of Blurr was portrayed as a seasoned and snobbish veteran, with anti-social tendencies – a stark contrast to his G1 counterpart, who was more of a comic relief if you ask me.
            Still, I still feel that I owed it to myself to have at least a good Blurr figure, and what better way to do just that than with the Generations’ release, which is literally a retooling of the Drift figure.

Alternate mode:
            As mentioned, he is actually a retooling of the original Drift figure, but minus the Chinese wording. 
            Another difference is the rear spoiler. Unlike Drift’s spoiler, which is a bit more revealing, Blurr takes a more low-profile approach. 
            Flipping the car over, you will see a long-barreled gun attached to the underside of the car instead of a long sword. 
From left: Drift and Blurr
            The light-bluish colors suits the car quite well and I think HasTak chose the right mode to give this character the reimagining that it sorely needs.

Robot Mode:
            Blurr is literally Drift with a different head sculpt and paint job, and instead of arming himself with a pair of buster swords and a long sword, Blurr is armed with two shotguns and a long-barreled gun. 
            The head sculpt pays an ample homage to his G1 predecessor and the colors are literally spot-on. 
            Just like Drift, Blurr could attached the long-barreled gun to the slot on his back, just in case if he’s doesn’t feel like wielding it.
            Blurr’s articulations are identical to that of Drift’s, but since I did not elaborate much on it in Drift’s review, I’ll do it here. 
            The head is on a combinational hinge and swivel. Inner shoulders are ball-jointed, while the outer shoulders hinge. The arms rotate slightly above the double-jointed elbows, and the wrists are ball-jointed as well. Finally, the hips are ball jointed, with the legs rotating slightly below the hips, and above the bendable knees.
            Overall, Blurr’s a very good figure, and if you loved Drift, you’ll probably going to love him as well.      
Fron left: Blurr and Drift
            Quite frankly, if you love Drift, you will definitely love this guy. He is absolutely similar to Drift, except for the head sculpt, weaponries and colors. You’ll probably end buying both of these figures, unless of course if you have some preferential tendencies between guns and swords.
            Anyways, he gets the same marks as Drift from me.
            Final verdict, 10/ 10. 

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