Transformers Review – Starscream (ROTF Voyager)

            Well, as you may know by now, I’m not exactly a huge fan of the previously released Voyager-class Starscream figure, thus I never intended on getting the subsequent ROTF version.
            Then came a Transformers-designing contest organized by Munchy’s several weeks before the release of the movie, which I entered without putting in even the slightest of hope in it. Surprisingly, I won the contest, which is really out of my expectations since I seldom have the luck to win any competition!!! I didn’t win the Grand Prize, although I wished I had, but still I won first prize and I was the happiest TransFanatix ever!!! I brought home in total 10 figures (2 Voyagers, 4 Deluxes and 4 Scouts) and an assorted variety of cookies, and among the figures I won was Starscream.
            So again, special thanks and shout out again to the people at Munchy’s. I will be forever indebted to you guys.
            Anyways, now that I finally got a good look at him, he’s actually much better looking than his predecessor, which was a pleasant surprise for me at the time. Bad initial judgment aside, I was kinda pumped up about it and though it has taken me for almost 4 years, here we are with this review.
Alternate Mode:
            As usual, Starscream transforms into a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. Compared to his Voyager-class predecessor from the previous 2007 Transformers movie, this version looks much better with a more streamlined look.
            Although there are still visible kibbles such as the hands at the back and legs below, they are still minimal comparatively.
            The tattoos all over the aircraft make him more exciting than before, and the more realistic-looking landing gears make him a better F-22 Raptor model than his predecessor. 
From Left: 2007 Movie Starscream, ROTF Starscream & DOTM Starscream
            Surprisingly, I really like this mode, and so far, he’s been one surprise revelation for me.

Robot Mode:
            Comparatively, despite him being in the same class as his predecessor, this ROTF Starscream is way smaller – about an inch shorter. Thus, he’s more compact.
            This also makes the transformations a little bit complex, but nothing that would result in you having to read the instructions. 
            The numerous tattoos on his body make him look bad@$$. Another thing that you’ll noticed as compared to his predecessor, this time around, he does have a pair of hands. Gone are the two ginormous blasters and they are replaced with a blaster that shoots only 1 bullet on each hands. 
            Another thing lacking from this figure are the ratcheting joints, which are sorely missed. This means that some joints can be a bit loose, especially the hips, the double-jointed knees and ankles. 
            Other articulations includes the head turning 360°, while at the same time turning some gears in his chest as part of the Mech-Alive gimmick; combinational joints for each shoulders that allow all range of motions; the elbows rotate, but bends at the wrong way (for me at least); and the palms move down and back up. 
From Left: 2007 Movie Starscream, ROTF Starscream & DOTM Starscream
            While some of the joints are a bit too loose for my liking, I have to say this robot mode looks way better than his predecessor. I just wished that the people at HasTak could’ve stuck with the ratcheting joints when the designed this one.

Truth be told, I’m not much of a Starscream fan, especially the movie version, mainly due to its awkward postures and overall look. But this action figure has been quite a revelation, and actually looks quite good. The tattoos really helped a lot.
I just wished, again, for the ratcheting joints to still be here.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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