Transformers Review – Starscream (2007 Voyager)

            The second-in-command of the Decepticon forces probably needs no introduction. The original G1 fiction describes Starscream as being the strongest of the aircraft-based Decepticons. He is fast, agile in flight and a scheming double-crosser, who would attempt to usurp leadership at every chance he gets.
            In the movie-verse however, he is all of that, but not so much as the double-crosser, at least not depicted in the actual movie itself.
            Despite being the second-in-command, he didn’t quite get a lot of screen time in the movies compared to other Decepticons such as Megatron, Barricade, Blackout and even Frenzy, but when he does get his chance to shine, he really caused a lot of havoc. The way how he single handedly destroyed half a squadron of the air force F-22 Raptors with ease is just unbelievable.
           The early photos on the net depicts his robot mode as being pretty ugly, and I never intended to get him at all, but seeing as how he fared so well in the actual movie, I decided to give him the benefit of doubt.
            So let’s go on with the review.
Alternate Mode:
            Well, just in case if you still don’t know, Starscream transforms into a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, which is probably one of the most iconic fighter jets currently in service. 
            Starscream, being 8-inches in length and 6-inches of wingspan, he’s kinda big. Predominantly light brown in color, with a little bit of shades of grey, he looks almost like the real thing, until you turn him over.
            The kibbles are very bad and as usual, it’s not easy trying to design a Transformer that’s able to completely hide its robot components in his jet mode, and Starscream’s definitely not an exception. You can clearly see his legs underneath and his head at the back. 
From Left: 2007 Movie Starscream, ROTF Starscream & DOTM Starscream
            Starscream has two missile launchers: one on each wings, and each launchers can hold up to 3 bullets. One of the gimmicks of this mode is that when you push Starscream across a flat surface, he will shoot his bullets one by one. One thing about his gimmick is that the launchers are a bit sensitive. The slightest of bumps will launch the bullets.
Missile Storage
            Thus, you may also have the options of storing the bullets on its holders.
            Overall, above average jet mode with lotsa kibbles.

Robot Mode:
            First of all, the robot mode is pretty darn bulky. At about 7-inches tall and 7-inches wide, he looks enormous, even for a Voyager.
            One thing you will instantly notice about the robot mode is that he got no hands. Yes, despite the fact that the movie portrayed him with hands, his action figure doesn’t have any. Instead he armed with a pair of huge blasters.
            While the head sculpt is good (complete with light piping) and easily recognizable as Starscream, I can’t help but noticed how the rest of the body seems a bit disproportionate. He looks to have an ape-like body with broad shoulders and exceptionally long arms. 
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates 360°; the shoulders are on universal joints; the arms rotate slightly below the shoulders and bend (with ratchets) at the elbows; the hips ratchets back and forth; the chicken-legged knees come with 2 ratcheting joints; and finally, the feet piece swings up and down.
            The colors are predominantly brown, and can be a little bit boring. Personally, the size itself won me over. It’s deliciously big and looks imposing when paired with other movie figures.
From Left: 2007 Movie Starscream, ROTF Starscream & DOTM Starscream
            The robot mode isn’t stellar. It’s huge, but it’s not really over impressive. But if you’re a fan of Starscream, then you’ll probably want to get a piece of him.

            Final verdict: 7/10.

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